What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

You may think I’m joking with the title of this email, but I’m really not. We have the opportunity right now to create something totally different if we want to, or simply make some tweaks to what is, if that is all that’s needed. It’s our choice.

That feels so powerful – our choice. Right now, we have the power. The stars have aligned in our favour, so unleash your inner child and dream big.

What did you always want to do that seemed impossible? Where did you want to be that you’re not? (you might have to forget about the always wanting to be a blonde thing for the moment, unless you’re good with the home kit thing).

Tomorrow, Monday the 14th, at 11:17am EST, it is New Moon in Sagittarius, AND a total solar eclipse, visible in South America. So, what does that mean?

Well, change, for starters, but this time we can take the power and make the changes. We’re being supported to do just that, maybe even pushed or pulled.

The energy of Sag is always moving forward. Her arrow is pointed to the future. It’s an energy of inspiration, of taking a look at the big picture. When we take that look, we can see where things are flowing and where things are blocked, in life, in relationships, in career. Where have we trapped ourselves by our belief systems, by what we think is possible or not possible.

The child inside you may understand that there are no limits except those we invent for ourselves. If we don’t think it can be done, it’s because nobody has done it yet. Maybe the Universe is waiting for you.

In our Solstice Celebration on the 20th at 7pm, we’re going to look at those limitations that we have created for ourselves, and begin to release them, to let them go. There are so many wonderful experiences and thoughts waiting to replace them that it is time to let them go. We need to create space. So, do some pondering before the event.

We’re going to harness the energy of Fire in both of its forms, the destroyer and the nurturer. Since the Eclipse is in a fire sign, and the Solstice closes out the Sagittarius energy, it feels fitting. We’re also welcoming the return of the light, with more daylight every day, and hopefully, more sunshine.

We’ll honour the Earth, as our foundation, and journey to receive some healing. It’s going to be a fun event.

To register, reply to this email with the subject Solstice.

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