Violet Flame

When we enter a time of introspection, as we are in now, we may discover behaviours, beliefs, hurts and sorrows,  that need to be released. The Violet Flame is a healing energy that can help with that with focus, depth and ease.

The Violet Flame is a life force energy carried on the 7th Ray, the Violet Ray. There are 7 common Rays that enter the earth plane, each with a focus. The last of those rays – the Violet Ray – has a focus of transformation and transmutation. The Violet Flame is carried on this Ray.

As a consequence of life on Earth, we develop belief systems, attitudes, barriers, thought forms that are not beneficial. They actually weigh us down, hold us back from feeling good, clear and joyful. They keep us stuck in place; they keep us from reaching our potential, from being who we are meant to be – our true, authentic selves.

Using the Violet Flame is an easy yet powerful way to heal and release that which no longer serves.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to call in the Violet Flame
  • Meet the Beings who support our work with the Violet Flame
  • How to use the Violet Flame to cleanse yourself and others.
  • How to cleanse your home with the Violet Flame
  • Meditation with the Violet Flame

This is 2 and a half hour workshop. Cost is $30.

Next Workshop is:

Monday August 9, 2020 at 7pm online. Register by emailing