The Possibilities Book

When I was doing my research around the New Moon in Pisces and its effects, I read somewhere that until April we need to be in daydreaming mode. That makes sense, as the Spring Equinox is March 20-21. That’s the time we get serious about the seeds we are going to plant.

So, until then, we need to be dreaming of, imagining all the possibilities, no matter how outrageous they seem, for the coming year. This is our prep work. For some unknown reason, it feels even more important this year. This year, we need to feel limitless and a little bit outrageous.

When I was talking to a couple of friends a few days ago, I mentioned a favourite movie of mine – The Holiday – starring Queen Latifa, and how the main character had a Possibilities Book of  all of her dreams. We decided a Possibilities Book was a great idea. So, we are taking the next 3 to 4 weeks to compile our own books, being careful not to put limitations on our dreams.

I have the front cover of mine, and ideas of what to put in there. Some things are very practical, like “the possibility of having sustained energy and focus”. Others are a little more “out there” like having a cottage in Ireland, a castle in Wales and part ownership in a safari retreat in Africa. No limits.

If you’d like to join us in this fun and semi soul searching endeavour, let me know. Perhaps we can get together and share our dreams at the end, even if it has to be online. Let me know. I’d love to share dreams with you.

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