The last in the Series

Today is Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn here in Canada. The Eclipse will be visible here at 11:13 pm. I’ll be watching it, as will most of my crystals.

This is the last Eclipse of this series. The first one on June 5th asked us to let go of what no longer served us. The second, on June 20-21 asked us to go within and nurture ourselves, to be open to this new energy that is getting ready to be birthed. It was an opportunity to open our hearts so we could receive what we needed to receive.

This Eclipse tonight (or tomorrow, depending on where you are) supports us to close something out that is finished, something to do with what we work at, how we work, what kind of foundation we have built for ourselves financially, career-wise. All of those Capricorn things are what the Full Moon is illuminating, but, the Eclipse interrupts the illumination, so is there something we still need to look at, something to consider or intuit. Do we need to integrate some of the Cancer energy of taking a pause, listening to our gut, meditating on it.

Of course, there are many other planets involved, with trines and squares etc., not all of which I understand. However, I do understand that Saturn is back in Capricorn, as are Pluto and Jupiter, all retrograde, which means we are getting another look at what we did to get where we are.

Saturn is about structure and commitment. Pluto is about transformation and Jupiter is about expansion and growth.

To me, that means structures are being destroyed or dismantled so that we can make a commitment to honour a new way of being, a new sense of purpose and new mission, which will allow us to grow, learn and expand. I’ve had a lot of aha moments lately and am looking forward to more. Exciting times.

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