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The Technique

When we are tense, or stressed, we tighten the muscles, we tighten the joints. We bury what is bothering us in that tightness. We slowly lose flexibility, we find it more difficult to move and do the things that we enjoy, and we call it “getting old”.


Breathing consciously, taking a conscious breath, being aware that you are breathing, feeling the breath, following it through the body, can open you to the miracle of relaxation. When the body and the mind relax, healing is allowed. The organs expand and relax, the muscles expand and relax, the ribs expand and relax, consciousness expands and relaxes.

Breathe in slowly, deep into the belly. Hold the breath for a moment. Release it slowly, starting at the shoulders then chest, then belly. Release  the waste that you’ve been holding onto.

Add Gentle Movement

Breathe in. As you exhale, pull your legs to your chest. Hold a moment. Inhale as you release the legs. Using the breath as you move, both in yoga and in your day to day activities, will add strength and flexibility. It will give you stamina.

When you add gentle movement to the breath, consciously extending the limbs, then holding the position, you are able to release whatever you have held in the muscles, in the joints. Healing is able to begin. Your step may lighten, your digestion may improve, range of motion will increase, and your posture will improve. You will gain a new respect for your body and awareness of its’ needs. The communication lines will open, and you will begin to recognize the messages it sends you.


The style of yoga we practice is performed slowly and with awareness; awareness of how the body feels at each stage of the posture, of how much the body is capable of doing at that moment in time, of what is happening with your breath as you perform the posture. It pulls you to focus in the moment, asking you just to be with your self, with your breath, and to forget all else.

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The Class

During a yoga class, you will experience a number of postures, or asana. You enter a posture to your comfort level, then focus on the breath. How does the body feel in this posture? Where is there tightness? Are you able to release some of that tightness if you breathe while focusing on the tightness?

Then, if you are able, allow the body to move further into the posture. The posture is always held only to what your body can do. This will vary from day to day. Then relax, breathe, and realize the effects of the posture. What has changed? What feels different? Allow the body to assimilate the change, and move forward from this new state of being.

Yoga classes at Circle of One are intimate, with a maximum of 5 students. Cost is $15 per session.

Please let me know you are coming, as space is limited.

Check our calendar to see when the next class is scheduled