Learning Path Integrated Technique

Learning Path Integrated Technique (LPIT) is a tool to help you to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It helps you to learn the lessons offered by situations in your life, so that you are able to move forward; therefore, you release the need to recreate these situations.

LPIT helps you to release long-standing trauma, as well as belief systems, patterns of behaviour and attitudes that are holding you back from enjoying the life you know you deserve.


The Learning Path Integrated Technique (LPIT) was originated by Olga Nickle, who lives here in Southern Ontario. She is a retired schoolteacher who taught in Toronto and in England. Olga has studied Transcendental Meditation, Silva Technique, Crystals, and Reiki.

Diane studied with Olga in 1997. She learned the original Learning Path, and then the new, more user friendly current version, The Learning Path Integrated Technique. She has been a teacher since 2002. She is one of a few teachers in the world, and would love to change this. If you are interested in taking the class and becoming a teacher or practitioner, please email or call for information.

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Intro to LPIT:

One of the really wonderful things about the Learning Path Integrated Technique is that it works at an unconscious level. What this means is that you do not have to revisit the event or experience the trauma again.

Also, you don’t have to know exactly what the problem is. The statement that we work with can be as nebulous as “whatever it is that holds me back from…”

The technique is based on the premise that the resistances in our lives (whatever is keeping us stuck in place) are due to an emotional reaction to an event in our past. As long as that emotional reaction is present we will continue to attract similar events to express those emotions. The Learning Path Integrated Technique neutralizes the emotional response thereby removing that vibration from our energy field. We no longer attract those situations and events.


The Treatment

What Does a Treatment Look Like?

Most Learning Path Integrated Technique treatments last an hour, although they can be either shorter or longer.  Some things can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes, but often people have more than one thing they would like to work on. The treatment is usually done seated as in a therapy session, although you may also recline comfortably on the therapy table. The practitioner does not need to touch the client. You may speak about what you wish to work on, or the practitioner may simply sense into the energy or feelings around it.

Learning Path Integrated Technique can also be done over the phone, or the internet. You don’t need to be in the same room as the practitioner.

How Will You Feel after a Treatment?

Most people feel lighter. Often long-standing pain will disappear. Sometimes, joints move easier, the breath comes more freely.

Who will this Treatment Help?

This treatment literally helps everyone. I have noticed great results with people who have experienced trauma such as abuse, miscarriage or abortion, accident, divorce, and lose of job. It helps to neutralize the emotions around the events and allows the person to move forward.  It also works to release tension from muscles and joints. Most people feel some difference even after just one session. Of course, the person needs to be ready to learn the lesson and move on. As with all healing modalities, this is a co-operative effort. It may look as though the practitioner is doing all the work, but you need to show up ready to allow and take part in the process.

The Class

Whether you are planning to use this technique with others, or use it on yourself, this is a great technique to have in your repertoire. To be able to deal with things as they come up, rather than having to wait to see someone is wonderful. Behaviours don’t have the opportunity to get entrenched that way.

I love to teach this class over five evenings or afternoons. That gives the student time to practice and come up with questions. Having said that, the class can be taught over weekends of four days. I am happy to set up a class for you to accommodate your schedule.

The first part of the class is learning to sense or feel energy, and to differentiate between feelings. This is the key to this technique. Then we learn the diagram. As we go through the class, I will encourage you to make the diagram smaller and faster, until we let go of the form and allow intuitive movement to take over.

Then, we learn ways to use the diagram. Where can we go? Well, we can go to the Heart, to the Brain, to the Genes, and to the 14 Aspects. These are all protocols that you will learn in the class. After that, your imagination and research will take you many places.

There is an Advanced LPIT class that teaches you more ways to use the Learning Path.

If you wish to use LPIT as part of your practice professionally, there is an exam to become a practitioner.

Cost is $350

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