Energy Clearing

The Technique

What is Energy Clearing?

It is so easy to pick up energy (vibration) that does not belong to you. If you work in a stressful job situation, spend time with people who are stressed, fearful or angry, you may have attracted some of it.  Just by the fact that it is not yours, it is non beneficial, but some of it can be painful or disorienting. Some of the signs that you have some “company”, or energy that is not yours, are: feeling spacey, being very tired for no apparent reason, mood shifts and sharp jabbing pain.

There is an easy way to bring yourself back to feeling “yourself”.

Energy clearing is a very simple technique that can be done quickly and easily to help you feel better. We ask that the energy that does not belong to you be released and be returned to it’s rightful place. The techniques that I use and teach involve simple invocations or prayers, and hand movements with intent. They can be done in person or at a distance. They can be used for clearing people, buildings and anything else your imagination allows.

Science has shown us that everything is energy. Things that we have always considered to be solid are merely bundles of energy in a format. Our cars, our furniture, our buildings are all made up of energy in various patterns. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also made up of energy and after expression they continue to exist. We live very much in an “energy soup”, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not.

How does it Work?

How do you know if you have picked up energy that does not belong to you? Take the quiz and find out. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you need to be cleared.

Are you:

  • Suddenly very tired for no reason (Dimensional Hole)
  • Angry or fearful for no reason or a reaction amy be out of character (Discordant Energy Pattern/Resonance)
  • Experience unexplainable mood changes (Discordant Energy Pattern)
  • Feel “spacey” and unfocused suddenly (Spirit/Dimensional Hole)
  • Have difficulty putting words or sentences together (Dimensional Hole)
  • Feel pain in the location of an injury after it had healed (Discordant Energy Pattern)
  • Feel depressed or “down” after speaking to someone about their problems (Resonance)

After a clearing, you will feel lighter and clearer. You will be feeling only your own energy. You will be able to focus again. If you clear your home, you will notice a difference in the feel. It will softer, clearer, and fresher feeling. If your business is not performing as it needs to, consider clearing it. One business that I cleared had a huge dimensional hole in front of the entrance, so clients would not even see it as they walked passed.

A friend was trying to sell her house, but was getting no offers. She decided to “energy sense” the rooms in her house and discovered a really unpleasant energy in her kitchen. She cleared it that evening. The next day people were coming to look at the house and they made an offer. Don’t wait until you’re ready to leave your home to clear it. You deserve to live in a clear and fresh environment.

These techniques are especially helpful to therapists who deal with people on a regular basis. They clear the energy of the last person on the table, the last client in the room, from both the environment and from the therapist herself. They also work well for businesses. Many people pass through a store or place of business in a day. Some of these people are joyful, calm people. Some of them are angry or just grumpy. Clearing the space can make the environment more pleasant for staff and customers both.

The energy sensing and clearing techniques are part of Learning Path Integrated Technique. Through healing work on myself and on others, I have come to realize how important these clearing techniques are. Sometimes, the clearing is all that is needed to help someone feel better. I have integrated these techniques as a foundational part of my practice and my teaching.

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The Class

This class is a one day workshop. We start with some exercises to increase your ability to sense energy, then discuss the different types of energy we will be clearing. You will learn to clear both a person and a space (room), a business, a relationship, etc. Practice time is provided. This class is available over Skype.

Cost : $ 95 Cdn in Toronto

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