Chakra Balancing

The Treatment

Most of the ancient cultures of the world had a system of understanding the human experience and bringing it into balance, a system that helped them to grow in consciousness. The Chakra System was the system used in India, a system that worked with seven energy centres or Chakras (disks).

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning vortex, disk, or wheel.  These vortices, or energy centers, are positioned at places in the body that correspond to nerve ganglia and glands in the endocrine system.  Although they correspond with these centers, the chakras are not in the physical body, but in the subtle body, or energy body.

When the chakras are in balance we function with grace and joy. Our experience of this life is filled with love and creativity. When there is discord in an area of this energy system, when one of the chakras falls out of balance, life loses its flow.  We become insecure or feel threatened.  The centres become congested and life doesn’t move forward with ease.

We are able to balance the chakras using a number of techniques. I use Reiki, Energy Clearing, Pendulum work, Learning Path Integrated Technique, Sound and Colour.

The treatment can be done in person or distance.

The Class

In this Chakra Balancing class, you will learn to use colour, sound, visualization and breath to clear the Chakras. If you have studied Reiki, LPIT, Pendulum work or Energy Clearing, we will incorporate them into the class. We will discuss and practice how to tell which Chakras need to be cleared, and what technique each Chakra needs. This class is usually taught over three or four evenings or afternoons, but could also be done over a weekend.

Cost : $150 Cdn in Toronto

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