Akashic Records

A reading to illuminate your life


Do you have questions about why you are where you are? Why certain things are happening in your life? Why you react the way you do?

Your Akashic Records will hold the answer.

The Akashic Records holds the vibrational record of the Souls journey from when it leaves Creator to when it returns to Creator. It is a record of all that has existed: every life, every thought, every emotion, every action that one has taken. It holds what has happened in the past, and the potentials for the future.

This information is always available to us. We can access the Akasha anytime, any place. It has been understood and accessed since ancient times. In the Bible it is referred to as the Book of Life. There is reference to it in many ancient traditions.

One can open the Records with a sacred prayer that helps us to focus into the Records of the person receiving the reading. Through the Records, we can receive answers to our questions, understanding of our lives, bringing healing with that awareness. We can release blocks and barriers that we have set up to challenge ourselves over lifetimes and understand the lessons we have chosen.

With this healing and understanding comes the power to make different choices, and do it with grace. We are able to forgive both ourselves, and others, by understanding the motivation.

Having an Akashic reading is a very powerful step forward. It helps us to move into oneness with ourselves and with Source. A session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. In order to prepare for your reading, have three to four questions prepared.

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