Axiatonal Alignment

What Is It?

Axiatonal Alignment is a healing modality, but it is also an initiation into Divine Awareness. In its healing capacity, Axiatonal Alignment opens blocked meridians and spin points to allow the free flow of energies that are trapped in our beings and are restricting our movement forward. As these energies are allowed to flow without restriction we will release all cellular memories that we have been afraid to look at, that have held us captive. We are now free to look at these moments and events from a different perspective, one that is not hindered by fear, anger or misunderstanding. When this happens, a healing occurs.

In its capacity as an initiation into Divine Awareness, Axiatonal Alignment assists us to reconnect to our Source. There are Axiatonal Lines throughout the Universe, the Galaxies, the Solar System, our Planet and our bodies. Every living organism has an Axiatonal system  a grid of light. Some sources tell us that this system was originally connected to the meridian system of acupuncture, extending it to a system of light that connected us to our Divine Self. Thousands of years ago, when we became thoroughly enmeshed in the physical, that connection was severed. The ability to focus and pull in the Perfect Blueprint for our physical body and renew it was lost. We have reached the time when that system needs to be re-connected; we need to
re-activate these circuits, or grids of light, and connect to that Divine Self within.

What Does It Do?

Axiatonal Alignment is a technique for activating those subtle circuits or grids of light that control the renewing functions of our body. This is a very simple but powerful treatment that brings focus. It connects us to and activates our Perfect Blueprint. The body is re-aligned, reconnected and re-activated on very subtle levels.

How Does It Work?

The technique consists of three passes down the body and is based in the number three. The first pass opens up the physical spin points so that the energy can flow. The second and third pass incorporate sacred geometry to connect the left and right sides of the body, the male and female, and intellect and intuition.

The recipient reclines comfortably on a table while the practitioner lightly touches various points on the body, activating the grids. The treatment can be completed in 10-15 minutes and combines well with other modalities.

The result varies, but for me it brings focus to my life, clarity of purpose and enhanced connection to Spirit.

This is a treatment that is traditionally done once a month. At Circle of One, we are doing Axiatonal Alignment treatments at the New Moon as part of our preparation for the next lunar cycle (although we will do them anytime you wish). We also teach classes in Axiatonal Alignment. Learn to do this amazing technique for yourself and for others. The class is a one day workshop.

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I just wanted to share my experiences after receiving your new moon axiatonal in May. After receiving the treatment I immediately felt lighter, I then noticed in the following weeks that I felt very empowered. I was doing things that I may not have thought of doing before for fear of failure and being overall the confident person I have also strived to be. I can’t wait to see what happens after my June treatment.

Thanks so much Diane, your totally amazing.


I personally really respond to the axiatonials. I feel very grounded after receiving one and find I can handle the stress in my life far more calmly than usual after seeing Diane.

Ilona – Toronto