Standing At The Threshold

Today is New Moon in Libra. Libra is an air sign, so it deals with the mental realm, relationships, how we connect and how we communicate with each other. The symbol for Libra is the scales of balance.

My sense, coming up to this New Moon, was that it would be beautiful; not soft and easy, but also not harsh and difficult to get through. When I sat with the energy in meditation, I felt that we are standing at a threshold, not quite ready to take the next step, which, for some, could cause frustration. So, cool your jets.

I also was told that we can only reap what we have sown, so we need to sow carefully. To do that, we need that state of balance of which Libra speaks. Even though we are in an Air sign, we need to ground ourselves, to use the Earth energy to keep ourselves stable so we can think clearly.

We are in a balance point between the past and the future. We always are. That is called the present. One of the ways we can stay in balance is to honour the past. So, take a moment to honour your past year. How have you grown? How have you changed? I did this exercise this morning and realized I have much more patience, and I am stronger than I realized. I’m much more aware of myself, my body and the effects of my lifestyle on it. How have you changed?

Then, there is the future. This New Moon seems to be about seeing what that future could be, looking through the door as we stand at the threshold and seeing who we could be, what we could accomplish. Exciting stuff. But are we ready? Have we changed enough to handle what is coming? Is there more we could release, let go of?

When I listened to my three favourite astrologers talk about this New Moon, (Greg Scott, Sarah Vrba and Molly McCord) I heard a list of things we can observe. Do I hold on to that? Do I still have that behavior? I’ve already started on the list. Of course, I got a hit on the very first one.

So, here’s the list that I culled out:

What are we still holding on to?

What are we still trying to control?

Do we feel we need to do something, accomplish something, to be of value?

Where are we frustrated?

Where have we created walls to protect ourselves?

Do we lose sight of who we are or compare ourselves to others?

Do we compromise ourselves to please others?

Where is the fear holding us back?

Do we have the patience to take our time and get it right?

Are we grounded?

Do we have outdated programming?

That’s a long list, but I want to get it right this time, so I’m working through it…

 I’m meditating, asking for help from my guides.

 I’m doing yoga to help release what I’m holding in the muscles, in the joints.

I’m working with the pendulum.

I’m calling in the Violet Flame.

I’m breathing into tension.

I’m spending more time in nature.

I’m using Holy Fire Reiki and Learning Path.

And, I’m here to help you.

If you would like a session, drop me an email.

If you would like some help understanding how you can do it yourself, drop me an email.

The list is only insurmountable if we never begin.

Take care, be well and enjoy

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  • Elisa Paiva Neta

    Hi Diane

    This resigned with me totally. I am in such of transnational move now. Where I am one step of getting myself out there. My soul is blessed as I am nourishing myself every single day. But my heart is asking me to keep going and finish my projects. I know I am capable of amazing things. But how to let go of my fear and go on???
    Thank you very much for your support and amazing words which bring us to amazing reflections.

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