So, What’s Next?

See yourself standing in front of a doorway. What do  you want to be on the other side?

What do you see on the other side of the door?

This Full Moon on Monday August 3rd is in Aquarius – 11 degrees of Aquarius. The number 11, to me, has always meant an opportunity, a portal, a doorway that we can walk through if we choose to do so. We have the opportunity to see that doorway and think about what we would like to find on the other side. Who do we want to be? How do we want to be? I got a chuckle this afternoon when I asked myself that question. What came out of my mouth was, “I want to be famous”. Definitely not a conscious thought, and definitely thinking outside of the box.

These next few days are good to take some quiet time, time to be receptive, connect with spirit, to listen. When you are quiet, ask “What do I need to see? What do I need to hear? How do I need to open to the new?” Then listen, watch for the answers. Observe your life. What comes up for you in that witnessing?

For me, this has been a year for personal growth and self discovery. I’ve learned to connect with spirit at a deeper level and discovered many places in my life where fear rules. I’ve done a lot of work on myself and am discovering more facets of the process.

It’s been an exciting year for me, and this Full Moon in Aquarius feels like the icing on the cake. What do I want my future self to look like, to feel like? How do I want my life to present itself?

These are all questions I’m entertaining right now. I’m doing it with a smile on my face and a playful attitude.

Nothing is too crazy to imagine. What have I never tried before? Can I do what I want to do in some new and different way? Can I be open to new possibilities? Can I be famous?

I have a great feeling about the energy of this Full Moon. That doesn’t mean that what it brings in is going to be a piece of cake to deal with, but it does mean that what comes is for my highest and best good and will lead to better things. Every resistance it illuminates is another opportunity to understand myself and decide how I want to change, shift, transform, and how I want to do it.

Exciting times.

If you want some assistance with changing, shifting, transforming, drop me a line. I’d love to help.

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