Ready to Have Some Fun?

Full Moon is Sunday (today)/ Monday, and it is no ordinary Full Moon. It is a Super (close to the Earth) Blood (red in colour) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. It is visible here in North America – barring clouds, of course. Wow!
If you want to view the Eclipse, it begins at 9:30 pm EST and goes until 3:48 am Monday morning, with totality at 12:41. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for clear skies.
I’ve done a lot of reading around this Full Moon, and a lot of listening to people. What I’m hearing jives very closely to what my sense is.
Some of what I’ve read has been dire predictions about this being a difficult Full Moon Eclipse. That’s not the feeling I’m getting. Yes, we may be asked to
  • stand in our power and take a leadership role
  • find some courage and act on it
  • actually follow through on ideas and responsibilities
We might have to polish up our self-confidence until it is a beacon in the dark. But, we’re up for that, right? And that is not what I got out of all my research.
This is my sense of this Leo Eclipse:
  • We need to have more fun
  • We need to dust off our creativity and get those juices flowing
This is what I’ve been hearing people saying: “I’m not having any fun” and “I’ve lost my creative spark”. So let’s get going. Hopefully, finding one will bring forth the other.
It was this time last year I realized I wasn’t having as much fun as I wanted to, so I started a meetup group. Not everyone’s idea of adding fun to life, but for me, it was perfect. It gives me another way of connecting and sharing, which brings me joy.
As for creativity, I’m hoping to get back to knitting and needlework, making crystal bracelets etc., amongst other things.
If you want to increase your creative opportunities, while connecting with others, my friend Gail of Pink Portfolio has started a Crafters Circle that will be meeting in different locations around the city. Bring your knitting, sketching, writing, whatever you want to do, and join in. You can find out more at
  • What are you doing for fun/creativity?
  • How can you bring more fun/creativity into your life?
  • How can you fit fun/creativity into your busy schedule?
Ponder it, but not too seriously…..
We are moving into a year that is asking us to “fine-tune” ourselves, to grow, to keep getting lighter. That’s not always easy, and not always comfortable. Fun and creativity help to create a balance to the more intense work we may faced with. It’s a survival mechanism, a safety valve to let off some steam, to keep things in perspective. This Full Moon we have the support of the Universe to start creating a life that is balanced, joyful and has spark.
I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please share.

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