Ready for Another Eclipse?

I’ve  learned so much about the meaning of moon phases and eclipses lately. I’ve been listening to Jocelyn Mercado – some of her talks and activities around the moon, and listening to Anastasia on You Tube around the Eclipses. Take a look at these two ladies if you’re interested in these topics. They have some great information to share.

Anastasia is an astrologer and she describes the Full Moon as “Natures Spotlight”. I love that term. I was out looking at the moon Sunday evening and that is just what it felt like. It brings to light what isn’t working, what needs to shift or be let go – or, what is working and what we need to more of or tweak just a bit.

When you add eclipse energy to this – kapow! We know that eclipses mean change – whether we are conscious enough to make the change for ourselves, or the Universe makes it for us. The effect of an eclipse lasts six months, so we have six months to work through what needs to change, find the highest and best way to make the change, then make the change . In six months, we are into the next eclipse season – more changes, so we need to be ready.

This Tuesday is Full moon in Capricorn and with it a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Capricorn is an earth sign, grounded into the physical and the opposite sign to Cancer. This Full Moon is shining light on those areas ruled by Capricorn – career and financial freedom.  It allows us to see what we are holding onto that we have outgrown. Where the Solar Eclipse deals with more of the physical aspect, the Lunar Eclipse deals with the emotional aspects of what is going on. So, what emotions are we holding onto? Are there fears, frustrations, denial blocking us from moving on?

I’ve had lots of experience with this – letting go. I seem to be doing this all the time….(sigh). My favourite way of dealing with a feeling that comes up for me (the ones that are holding me back) is to first acknowledge it, then to thank it and tell it I don’t need it any more. Sometimes it takes a month for this process to work, sometimes it happens much faster.

So, an illustration:

 I found that I would get weepy and finally realized through being aware of the situations in which it happened, that I was feeling sorry for myself. This response kept me in a position of giving away my power. Once I had this awareness, I would catch myself going into this response. Sometimes it would take 10 minutes, sometimes less. Once I recognized what was happening, I would say:” Oh, I recognize you. Thank you, but I don’t need you anymore.” I did this until I could catch the response before it got started, then. it just didn’t happen anymore.

This Eclipse is a great time to take a look at our careers and financial situations. Some considerations:

  • Are we happy doing what we are doing? Do we feel fulfilled in our work?
  • Are we making the money we want to make?
  • Are we honouring who we are, being true to who we are?
  • Is there a dream we are not following?
  • If we are working at our dream job, is there something that we could change to make things work even better? Is there a way that we can be even more true to ourselves and honour who we are?

Once we find what needs to shift, what do we do about it? It’s fine to realize that our job is not fulfilling, but how do we change it? I have found that little word “how” opens us to possibilities.

I have a journal devoted to the word “how” .  I write down what I want to happen as a question. As an example:” How do I feel fulfilled in my work? I’m not able to change jobs right now, so how do I feel more fulfilled where I am?” Then I listen. I watch for signs. I write and see what appears on the page.  I allow all possibilities, even the outrageous ones, as they may hold a clue. When I get a step in the process ,I  ask “How do I do that? How do I make that happen.”

The word “how” is like a portal, or a rabbit hole. It can take us many places. We may need to expand and grow, we may need to shrink by letting go. It will be an interesting journey, once we take that first step. Enjoy the journey. See it as the adventure that it is.

Of course, once we have the “how” we need to take the step, do something physical to make it happen. If we want to continue to have the support of the Universe, we need to show that we are serious about moving forward.

Enjoy this Eclipse energy. I have heard a couple of times that the effect of what we do on the day of an Eclipse is magnified many times over, so take some time to meditate, do some healing work, laugh and be joyful.

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