From Dreams to the Practical

This morning, my partner said to me, “We’re at the turning point”. Now, he was talking about the weather, feeling spring in the air, but, wow, that statement gave me shivers. Do you feel it?

I feel we’re coming up to a huge turning point, on the cusp of something really big, and this Full Moon in Virgo (Monday the 9th of March) plays a big part in it. It’s a Super Full Moon and is the last full moon before we begin the journey again.

Virgo is an earth sign. It’s about being grounded, about looking at our daily routines and taking practical steps. With all that said, we are still in the sign of Pisces, which invites us to dream and reflect. Can we move those dreams into reality?

Everything I’ve read about this full moon excites me. It’s about figuring out who we are at the core and trusting that, accepting that. Once we’ve done that, we can take those practical steps forward.

One of the ways I did that was to look at my core values. You can find lists of values on the internet. I marked off the values that rang true for me – without thinking about it, keeping the ego at bay.

Then, I placed those qualities into groups of similarity and pulled one word from each group that reflected the whole. My strongest value was growth, then came community, self-care and adventurousness. Each of these values had lists of why each was important to me.

This exercise helped me to understand myself at a deeper level. That, in turn, has given me a strong base for my Possibilities Book, which is bringing me joy and surprises. I find myself using phrases like “What if…?” and “How would it feel if…?”  

In some ways it’s such a freeing exercise, in others, it brings up the fears to be faced and the resistance to be moved through. But what it seems to be bringing most is clarity. I wish that for each and every one of you.

I have a full day booked tomorrow – full moon – , but I’ll be carving out some quiet time to connect, with myself and with Source, and to help me be ready. I hope you manage to as well.

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