Feeling Like You Need to Slow Down?

Do you feel as though you have to slow down, sleep more? Is it harder to get things done? The New Moon in Scorpio is today, November 18. Scorpio is a water sign, and as such, it deals with emotions. It’s an intense sign that can take you into the depths. So, sometimes we need to slow down and reflect.

In November, the skies are often dark and a bit gloomy. It’s damp and rainy outside, giving us the desire to hunker down, take naps, move more slowly. Although I love this time of year, sometimes I feel as though the gloom is being reflected at me. This is a great time to practice self care, to nurture ourselves and treat ourselves well.

It’s an invitation to be reflective, to take time to see ourselves from different angles. We can see where we are out of control. When we slow down, or maybe even stop for awhile, things that we have shoved down can rise to the surface to be healed.

The leaves die and fall from the trees with the help of the rain and wind that November brings. It is a natural cycle, as is our releasing.

A lot of us have the habit of holding onto that which no longer serves us. This is an excellent time to take a look and see what is there. Everything from clothes, nik naks, books may need to go to create space for the new.

We have the opportunity to recognize and gently release belief systems, fears, and anger that we stubbornly cling to, as well.

It might be helpful to create a ceremony for releasing. Perhaps, light a candle and release what needs to go into the flame. Or, envision a bubbling stream flowing through you – into all the nooks and crannies of your being, gently prying out what needs to go, dissolving it and releasing it as pure energy ready to be re-used.

Bless what leaves for whatever gifts it gave you – lessons, wisdom, and growth.

Use the Jupiter in Scorpio energy to make this fun. Letting go doesn’t have to be painful. Take some time to feel into what would help you to let go of limitations. Pull out some crystals, a bowl of salt water, do some visualizing. Let me know what works for you. I’d love to share what works.


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