Eclipses Are Back

I just went outside and stood under the moon. It felt very focused, very calm. I’m interested to see what this Full Moon brings.

We have moved into the sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon is in its opposite sign of Gemini. It is exact at 4:30 am EST on Monday November 30. It’s also an eclipse. Yep, we are back in eclipse season. So, this energy and opportunity will last for 6 months, and it will bring change.


Let’s start with Gemini, an air sign, the sign of the twins, a dual sign. This is my rising sign, and I have always looked at the symbol of Gemini as a doorway, ready to be walked through.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which rules communication. Since it is an air sign, it deals with the mental realm, our thoughts, beliefs, expression, ability to listen. The energy of Gemini is restless excitable, curious, a bit anxious, clever and quick. Because Gemini is a dual sign, it deals with duality – inner and outer, high and low, and options, choices.

The Eclipse brings focus to these qualities. Everything I’ve read about this Full Moon talks about new beginnings, choosing a new direction, a new path. Because there is duality, there will be two choices, two possible directions. Remember, Eclipses bring change, and change brings fear to many. It is possible that one of these paths may feel comfortable, the other may force us to grow. If we can work through the fear, the sky is the limit.

Our journey last month through Scorpio may have increased our understanding of self; it may have unlodged some things we didn’t want to look at. I know it did for me. This time coming up is a time to acknowledge what we have learned and who we are now. We have a new foundation. From that foundation, we’re invited to take a look at the long term. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to be? We have the opportunity to create that.

My feeling is that one of the communication skills of Gemini, the ability to listen, will be very important right now. Not listening to others, but listening to that quiet voice inside, the guidance from our Higher Self, and then trusting that guidance and moving with it.

Invitation to the Moon

I invite you to shine your light on how I’ve grown since the last Eclipse.

I invite you to shine your light on what I need to hear, what I need to see.

I invite you to shine your light on the possibilities, the paths that have opened to me.

I invite you to shine your light on me.

Blessings and thank you.

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