Eclipses and New Moon

letting go – milkweed

Tomorrow, Friday the 13th (an auspicious day) is the New Moon in Cancer. It is also a Solar Eclipse. And let’s not forget those planets in retrograde. Such fun! Honestly, you have to look at it that way, or it might be too much.

The energy is saying slow down, take it easy, don’t sweat it, chill out. It’s time to let all that stress go, let all that fear go.

So, our job is to let it go. Take some time to think about what needs to go in your life. Is it physical – do you need to clean closets etc.? Is it emotional – do you need to let go of some fear, some need to control? Is it Mental – do you need to clear out and transform self talk or limiting beliefs? There is always something that needs to go so we can move forward.

This Eclipse is apparently about endings and beginnings. We have to let go of what no longer serves us to make space for the new. Sometimes we need someone to pry our fingers open and help us to move out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to tell the ego to take a nap.

So, New Moon is in Cancer, as is the Eclipse. Cancer is a water sign, so it deals with the emotions. It’s also about home and family, so maybe what you need to let go of is a toxic relationship, or the need to do it all yourself (I’ve been that martyr – it’s very lonely).  Maybe you need to nurture yourself instead of everyone else. Maybe you need to stop worrying about money, and just let it come. Maybe you need to stop being so sensitive about what other people think of you, and be true to yourself. The list is endless, but you get my gist, right?

So, take that introspective time and set the intent to let go. If you don’t, I have a feeling that the Lunar Eclipse at Full Moon will do it for you. Believe me, you don’t want that.

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