Did You Hum With Me?

In my last email I said that was going to try humming for 5 days and see what happened. Well, I thought I’d let you know what happened. It took me a couple of days to get started – a little procrastination there, but once I got started, I was fascinated.

The first couple of days I did some simple humming. I just picked a tone that was comfortable and started to hum. Sometimes I made an “mmmm” sound, others I actually used the word “hum”.  I felt the vibration in different parts of my body – the head, the throat, the chest and stomach areas. It felt good, but I did not see anything amazing. Of course, in two days there might not be a great change. Patience, Diane.

On the third day, I decided to focus the vibration. I chose to feel it in my feet. So, as I hummed, I imagined the vibration moving to my feet, and that’s where it went. My feet buzzed with the vibration. In fact, an hour later they were still buzzing. Did I notice a difference? Yes, I did. My feet felt more flexible and walking seemed easier. That was encouraging.

The next day, I decided to focus on my ankles, knees and hips, as my knees were sore and they were in the middle of the three joints. It seemed like a good idea to do all three, since I know they influence each other. The knee stiffness eased up a bit, stairs were a bit easier, which was good because it was laundry day – up and down stairs a lot.

The last day, I decided to go wild. I decided to play with the tones – up and down the scale, be bopping from one tone to another, up two tones down four. I played with the number of times I did each tone, the length of time I held each tone. I had fun with it. I found myself smiling, then laughing. I connected with joy.

I was going to say nothing much happened, but as I write this, I realize that a great deal happened. No, I didn’t cure some dastardly disease, but I felt better. I discovered a tool that is always with me that can ease pain, increase flexibility, a tool that I can focus where I need it to go, and one that connected me to my joy. Not bad for 5 minutes a day for 5 days.

It also meant that for 5 minutes, there were no unwanted thoughts roaming around my brain, depressing me, getting me angry or upset. My mind was clear, able to receive the good stuff. I feel very grateful to the people who wrote those articles about humming, grateful that I read them and grateful that I took this journey. I highly recommend it.


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