• A Slightly Different Perspective

    I haven’t been in touch over this last week or two because it’s just been strange. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I’ve had trouble waking up and as soon as there was nothing else that needed to be done, I’ve been back in bed. I know there is nothing wrong with me, except it’s allergy season, so I finally said enough is enough. Figure it out and get over it! So, I did.

     I understand that because I’m sensitive, I’ve been feeling everyone else’s fear and depression, so I sent some healing to that and cleared it out. I did some LPIT on myself to release the heaviness in my chest. This morning I woke up early and started writing. What a great feeling to be back. 

    Since the beginning of this virus event, I’ve had a slightly different perspective. Here it is.

    There are changes coming. We’re walking through a doorway into a new adventure, and there’s a lot to clear out before that can happen. There are a lot of people who don’t want to walk through that door. They’ve had their adventure and it’s time to go home. It’s their exit time. Problem is, there has to be a way for them to exit. Hence, a virus.

    Over the last few years we’ve been told to work on our “stuff”, to clear it out, to transmute it and transform ourselves. Some of us did. We were told this winter to take time for ourselves, time to be quiet, to reflect, to meditate, to return to the natural rhythm. Some of us did. 

    Now, we all will because we have no choice. We’re being told to stay home, to take that quiet time, to reflect. And so I invite you to do just that.

    Instead of panicking and going into fear about catching the virus, about having money to get through, I invite you to trust you’ll be taken care of, do some yoga, meditate (there are some great ones on youtube if you want guided), get to know your partner again, if you have one. Have a candlelight dinner, watch a movie together.

    If you have children, get down on the floor and colour with them, help them write their own bedtime stories. Discover your own creativity. Make this your time.

     You can also call a friend just to talk (remember the telephone?). Check in on someone who is alone. We are being separated, but we are not alone. We can only be separated physically. 

    If you are in need, I can send out a request to the Healing Network for you.

     If you need 15 minutes of free Reiki or LPIT, let me know. I can make myself available. 

    My good friend Julei sent me this Facebook site of people helping people through this. If you need groceries delivered or just need to connect with others, this looks like the place to be. 

    We’ll make it through this. I have absolute faith, and hopefully we’ll be better for it – stronger, clearer, more connected. If you need me, I’m here, just a phone call or a zoom call away.

    Take care,
    416.320.8524 diane@circleofonehealing.com

  • From Dreams to the Practical

    This morning, my partner said to me, “We’re at the turning point”. Now, he was talking about the weather, feeling spring in the air, but, wow, that statement gave me shivers. Do you feel it?

    I feel we’re coming up to a huge turning point, on the cusp of something really big, and this Full Moon in Virgo (Monday the 9th of March) plays a big part in it. It’s a Super Full Moon and is the last full moon before we begin the journey again.

    Virgo is an earth sign. It’s about being grounded, about looking at our daily routines and taking practical steps. With all that said, we are still in the sign of Pisces, which invites us to dream and reflect. Can we move those dreams into reality?

    Everything I’ve read about this full moon excites me. It’s about figuring out who we are at the core and trusting that, accepting that. Once we’ve done that, we can take those practical steps forward.

    One of the ways I did that was to look at my core values. You can find lists of values on the internet. I marked off the values that rang true for me – without thinking about it, keeping the ego at bay.

    Then, I placed those qualities into groups of similarity and pulled one word from each group that reflected the whole. My strongest value was growth, then came community, self-care and adventurousness. Each of these values had lists of why each was important to me.

    This exercise helped me to understand myself at a deeper level. That, in turn, has given me a strong base for my Possibilities Book, which is bringing me joy and surprises. I find myself using phrases like “What if…?” and “How would it feel if…?”  

    In some ways it’s such a freeing exercise, in others, it brings up the fears to be faced and the resistance to be moved through. But what it seems to be bringing most is clarity. I wish that for each and every one of you.

    I have a full day booked tomorrow – full moon – , but I’ll be carving out some quiet time to connect, with myself and with Source, and to help me be ready. I hope you manage to as well.

  • The Possibilities Book

    When I was doing my research around the New Moon in Pisces and its effects, I read somewhere that until April we need to be in daydreaming mode. That makes sense, as the Spring Equinox is March 20-21. That’s the time we get serious about the seeds we are going to plant.

    So, until then, we need to be dreaming of, imagining all the possibilities, no matter how outrageous they seem, for the coming year. This is our prep work. For some unknown reason, it feels even more important this year. This year, we need to feel limitless and a little bit outrageous.

    When I was talking to a couple of friends a few days ago, I mentioned a favourite movie of mine – The Holiday – starring Queen Latifa, and how the main character had a Possibilities Book of  all of her dreams. We decided a Possibilities Book was a great idea. So, we are taking the next 3 to 4 weeks to compile our own books, being careful not to put limitations on our dreams.

    I have the front cover of mine, and ideas of what to put in there. Some things are very practical, like “the possibility of having sustained energy and focus”. Others are a little more “out there” like having a cottage in Ireland, a castle in Wales and part ownership in a safari retreat in Africa. No limits.

    If you’d like to join us in this fun and semi soul searching endeavour, let me know. Perhaps we can get together and share our dreams at the end, even if it has to be online. Let me know. I’d love to share dreams with you.

  • Last Stop Before…

    We’ve finally reached the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. This journey each year is like a trip around one level of a spiral. Hopefully, we’ve advanced some over the year and are able to move up a level on the circuit and bring in new levels of awareness and understanding on all levels. Otherwise, it’s just same old same old.

    Pisces is a water sign, and as such, invites us to dream, to use our imaginations. It invites us to quiet times of reflection and inner work. It invites us to connect with spirit and to accept it’s guidance in our lives. It asks us to let go and trust.

    That seems to be a lot to ask of us – right? We’re busy trying to make a living, raising our families, tending our relationships. We’re tired by the time we get home, and just want to veg out.

    However, as I said, this is the last zodiac sign of the year, our last chance to identify the seeds we want to plant for the next cycle. We can do that consciously, and plant the seeds we truly want planted, or we can leave it up to the unconscious and see what we get.

     Personally, I’d like to choose seeds to be consciously planted, so I’m taking some time this New Moon to reflect, to get in touch with some old dreams and feel if they are still viable, if they still fit, or if I need brand new ones.

    I’m going to connect with spirit to make sure I’m on the right path. I’m going to ruminate on the new understandings and awareness I have about myself and how I am in this world. In fact, I’ve already begun. The energy of this week has been powerful and has begun the journey for me.

    This Sunday is the day of the New Moon, a day when you might find some quiet time to go within. Invite your guides and angels and those you work with to join you and help bring forward what you need to be aware of in order to shift whatever needs to shift, to see whatever needs to be seen.

    I’ll be spending time in front of my alter, listening, inviting guidance. I’ll be daydreaming about who and what I could be, want to be in this next phase of my life. And, I’ll be asking for help in letting go of what no longer serves me and is holding me back. Happy dreaming to you, and if you’d like help with the letting go part, just hit reply and say “he

  • Standing in line at the Supermarket

    I was at the grocery store the other day – on a schedule of course – and of course there was a line up at the cashier. When it was finally my turn to pay, I handed my money to the cashier and took my change never looking up. I was focused on getting out of the store and on to the next ‘very important thing.’

    With a startle, I realized the cashier was waiting for me, almost pulling me, to raise my head and look at her. When I did, she looked me directly in the eyes and smiled.

    That very short interaction changed my entire day. She paid attention to me. It was a small thing, looking at me and smiling, but it was huge. I relaxed, stopped rushing and my whole day shifted.

    That short encounter brought an awareness and a vow to be more conscious in my interactions.

    Paying attention to someone is one of the greatest gifts we can give to them. When we do that, we focus all our senses on that person. We look, we actively listen, we are aware of the other on all levels. We do this easily with a new born child; and we do it easily with a romantic partner, especially in the beginning, before life takes over.

    When we pay attention to someone, we are telling them they matter, they are worthy of our attention. We remind them of the importance of human relations, even if the contact is as short as the line in the grocery store. We feel better when someone pays attention to us. It lifts our spirits, maybe it inspires us to pay attention to someone else.

    Valentine’s Day, in fact this whole month, is focused on relationships. It gives us the opportunity to look at how we ‘are’ with others. It gives a day to practice how we could be all the time. So enjoy the day. Be aware of how you feel when someone pays attention to you, and share the feeling. Pass it on. Tag, you’re it!

  • Time for Fun?

    Personally, I’ve found this a challenging year so far – one rife with lessons. I don’t know about you – but I need a break. This Full Moon is a perfect time for that.

    Depending on where you are, either the 8th or the 9th of February is the Full Moon in Leo.

    Leo is a wonderful sign. It’s a fire sign ruled by the sun itself. People born under this sign are born leaders (or working on it), love to be in the spotlight and love having fun. It can be a party with Leo, which is perfect for right now.

    Lately, life has been pretty intense for a lot of people. Some are having intense dreams, events and people from the past are resurfacing energetically and physically. Some of us seem to be doing a life review, revisiting uncomfortable times. Some of us are feeling out of sorts, feeling joint pain and stiffness, experiencing illness and severe overwhelm.

    Whatever is happening with you, or those you care about, it’s time for a break. Let it go for a day or two. Get together with friends. Throw a party. Give yourself permission to do nothing. Laugh as much as you can.

    It’s good for our health on all levels when we stop and just have a good time, not thinking about whatever we think about. We relax differently, we let our guard down and forget the anxiety, the misery, the obligations. We create a moment, a space between.

    When that happens, the fire of inspiration is able to burn through and land in the clearing. We may see things differently after a break, we may have renewed energy to deal with what is there, we may feel better. We may end up with some clarity. If nothing more, we’ve relaxed and had a good time.

  • Getting Ready to Grow

    During my preparation for this auspicious new year, I asked what I needed to do in order to uplevel my energy. I was told to get even more in tune with the Earth. This made perfect sense, as this is a 4 year (2+2, 20+20), and four is a number of structure and foundation. The Earth is our foundation.

    The “how” to do this was to tune into the old celebrations around Earth’s rhythms, the honouring of the season changes and how they affect us. These were celebrations of people who lived off the land, who depended on the earth to provide for them. Life could be difficult and people were very tuned in to the changes and what they meant.

    Times are little different now. We’re not so connected to the earth, although still dependent on her. Times are still difficult, just in different ways. Personally, I’ve found this year so far to be very challenging. I have been awake for hours, sleeping for hours, my body is uncomfortable. We are going through changes, and they are sometimes difficult to cope with. I’m hoping to see if connecting to the earth by following the rhythms that were identified in ancient times will help.

    The first celebration that came up is Imbolc, celebrated on February 1st, half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s been taken over by Groundhog Day here in North America.

    Imbolc is a wonderful celebration marking the internal beginning of spring. It’s a time of hope and expectancy. This is the time when new life is beginning but is still dormant. The seeds deep in the earth are becoming aware, but not yet stirring. To me, this relates to our personal journey as well. At the New Moon in Aquarius we received an inspiration. It may still be deep in our being, just beginning to stir, not yet ready to be born, just like the seeds in the earth. This is the time to nurture ourselves and those seeds by taking time to be quiet, and by clearing space.

    The days are becoming noticeably longer, so we celebrate the light, knowing that with each day, we come closer to the time when we will see growth, and the bounty of the earth will return. This is a time when we rest from the rigors of creation, of planting, of tending, of reaping and storing and cleaning up. It is a time to dream, to allow inspiration, to set goals. It’s a quiet time to rest and restore, so I build time for that in my schedule. It’s those quiet times when I recognize the inspiration.

    I am also cleaning and clearing, making space for those seedlings to grow. That seems to be a year long project, with making space now, weeding later, pruning and culling, and making space for preserves. It’s never ending.

    The goddess related to Imbolc is Brigid, goddess of the hearth (where we could be sitting enjoying a nice cup of tea, or enjoying watching the flames) and of the crossroads. This year we are being offered the opportunity to change our lives, to change our way of relating, of working, of being. That puts many of us at the crossroads, were we need to make difficult decisions. Call on Brigid to help. There are probably many invocations to her on the internet, but those of you who know me, know that I like to keep things simple, I just invite her –“Welcome Brigid, thank you for being here with me.”

    I’m already feeling more grounded, with just this one celebration. I lit a candle (this is a fire month), brought out an amethyst crystal and sat in front of my alter, connecting with Brigid. I looked at what has been happening in my life and what the seeds that are beginning to percolate might bring. When I connected with her, I felt supremely nurtured and supported. When I asked what I needed to do this year I was told I need to anchor this year. We’ll see what that means.

    I hope you have the opportunity to connect with Brigid and share her vibration. If you do, I would love to hear about it, if you are willing to share.

  • Did You Get Struck by Lightning?

    Friday the 24th was New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, so it always confused me that the illustration for Aquarius is the Water Bearer – a being pouring water from a vessel. Even the name Aquarius bears water. 

    Finally, I’ve come up with my own explanation. Air signs are connected to the mental realm – the realm of ideas and inspiration. I’ve decided that the vessel is full of the inspiration that we need in order to understand and fulfill the gifts we bring to the world, and we are receiving the download. What do you think? 

    So, on Friday, or there about, we were to receive an inspiration, an understanding of an individual special gift that we can nurture and use for the betterment of man/womankind. As humanity, we expand and heal as each individual recognizes and uses their gift, moving into their power. 

    If you weren’t struck by lightning on Friday with that huge “aha” moment of “this is my gift”, don’t worry about it. It arrives in many ways and may be disguised. You may have been doing this thing for years but never accorded it the title of “my gift”. It may be something totally new to you that you discover you have an affinity for. The seeds have been planted by the Universe. Now we just need to recognize and receive. 

    Your gift may be something impressive, like discovering the cure for something, or it may be something easier to distribute, like a smile that makes people feel wonderful when they see it. It may be the ability to make people comfortable and relax; you may be someone people can open up to. These are all gifts we need so badly right now, and the ones that are easy to give and plentiful can be the best ever.

     If you want to know your gift and did not get the lightning strike, take some quiet time and ask to be shown your gift; then listen and watch. You may not see it in your meditation, but people may start commenting on something about you. Listen, even to people you meet on the street.

    One of my gifts is my smile. People on the street comment on it a lot. It’s not something I would have realized on my own, but I’ve been told so often that my smile makes people feel better I’ve come to view it as a gift. And bonus, it’s free, it’s portable and easy to deliver.

    If you still can’t figure it out, have a tea party, invite your friends over and discuss each other’s gifts. If nothing else you’ll have a good time. Plus, your gift may be to bring people together to share or just enjoy. 

    To top off a very energetic weekend, Saturday was Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Rat. You can find out how this year will affect you here . I’m an Ox, and it looks like it will be a good year for me. (Big smiles). Let me know how the Year of the Rat looks for you. 

  • The Body as Partner

    The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for me in many ways. One of the ways is that I have been receiving messages regarding my personal journey since the Winter Solstice, and one of them has been around my relationship with the body. I was told that the body is my partner in this journey, and needs to be accorded the respect that a partner deserves.

    Now, I eat my vegetables, I do my yoga and I walk, I drink water and get lots of sleep (most of the time). I knew there were some things that my body didn’t like – café lattes, chocolate, baked goods –all the good stuff. And I knew that I eat them regardless (the lattes are gone and chocolate is on its way out). My body communicates with me quite clearly by causing pain, weight gain etc. It has no problem communicating with me. I seem to have a problem respecting its needs.

    We’re told that we, as spirits, created the body in order to experience a life on earth. We continue to create it throughout our lifetimes in how we treat it.

    We created the body to have an intelligence of its own, then, decided not to respect that intelligence. We over ride it constantly, pushing too hard, forcing the body to do more than it is able to with ease, forcing it to deal with things it’s not prepared to deal with, like pesticides and preservatives.

    We accord other people more respect that we give the body. Our boss says this has to be done today, so even though the body has had enough, we do it. We create stress and tension by doing so. We want to see a show on television or listen to one more podcast, so we push the body. We love lattes and chocolate, especially together, so we continue to partake, even though the body cannot handle them. Blatant disrespect.

     I decided to have a brief conversation with my body, my knees specifically, asking what they wanted most from me, and the answer I got was “respect”. I was expecting “stop eating chocolate”, but “respect” says it all.

    I have a vision for my life as the spirit inhabiting the body. What I was told is that my relationship with the body needs to be a partnership based on respect for that vision to be realized. I need the support of the body I have created in order to do anything in this lifetime. It will support me as spirit in my various adventures and experiences if I support it.

    I support it by dealing with my stuff, the blocks I have put in place that inhibit the body functions – the fear, the anger, the shame, the guilt. I support it by putting myself first for a change, without guilt.

    That may sound selfish, but a little selfish is what is needed right now. This year 2020 promises to be a year where we need a lot of self-care, particularly the first six months. One thing clear to me personally is that if I don’t take the body with me in this ride called 2020 as an equal partner, I don’t have a great chance of riding the waves with ease.

    So, I’m doing the work:

    • letting go of what needs to go, on all levels – chocolate, anger, guilt, stress
    • listening to my body and providing what it needs to the best of my  ability in the moment
    • stopping being hard on myself for not being super woman
    • respecting the bodies limits as my limits – we’re partners after all
    • thanking the body for being such a wonderful partner on this journey

    That’s a tall order. I’m still discovering behaviours and beliefs that work against both me and my body. They can be insidious, and I need to pay attention to see them. There is a lot to shift there, but I’m determined not to get down on myself as I progress. I’m inviting the change that this year will bring and is already bringing.

  • Last Full Moon of the Decade

    Today is Full Moon in Gemini. It is the last Full Moon of the year. In fact, it is the last Full Moon of this decade.

    The changing of decades has never held any importance to me until this year. This time, it feels as though we are passing the torch to our future selves – to the people we could be if we lived in alignment with our values, if we followed our dreams in joy and if we respected ourselves and each other. This time it feels like a massive birth canal.

    Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. The fact that it is an air sign means that it deals with the mental realm – with accumulating knowledge – so there is a lot going on in the head, but not always follow through.

    Gemini is a very active sign, since it’s ruled by Mercury – messenger to the Gods. It tends to bounce around a lot and needs to ground often.

    Mercury rules communication and so Gemini asks us to be impeccable in how we speak.  If we are delivering a message, it might as well be clear. Gemini’s are big communicators; they love to talk. This is a reminder that talking things out, or writing in your journal about what you need clarity on, is very helpful. Often one will unknowingly say exactly what we need to hear, so find someone to talk to. Often, when we re-read what we have written, the answer is there.

    It is also a reminder to be more aware of how we express ourselves. Would we really “kill” for a bowl of ice cream?  Are we really “starving” rather than hungry? When we accomplish something and do a good job, did we really “slay” it? What kind of energy are we putting out with these expressions? What are we telling the Universe? What are we telling our bodies? Well, they’re just expressions, right?

    The other major trait of Gemini is that it is a dual sign. It is the sign of the twins, and it deals with polarities – good and bad, right and wrong, dark and light. This is the perfect sign, to my mind, for the last Full moon of the decade.

    As Beings of the Human type, we have a side that is of the Light and a Shadow side. The Shadow side contains the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, attitudes etc. that need to be brought to the Light – recognized, brought into awareness, healed and released.

    Many of us have found this decade to be a difficult one, especially the last few years. We have had the opportunity to come into contact with our Shadow side a lot lately. We’ve been given the gift of awareness of what needs to shift in our lives and if we’ve been listening, some guidance as to how to make that shift.

    This is the last hooray. It is our last chance this decade to have the brilliant light of the Full Moon illuminate the Shadow, to be able to see ourselves clearly and to heal and release what needs to go. If you want/need help with that give me a call.

    All signs point to 2020 being an amazing year. There will be some surprises, there will be some obstacles, but it is a year where, if we are in alignment with our true selves, we can shine.

    Take this time to reflect on self and life – do the final bit of housekeeping for the year, for the next New Moon (December 26 in Capricorn) we begin a new Eclipse season, bringing a new round of change and growth.

    Enjoy the process.