Taking a Break – Mini Vacations

Leo is a fire sign, a sun sign. It is represented by the Lion – regal, courageous, creative and a leader. But Leo is also about fun.

This is holiday time, time for fun and games, a splash in the pool, a picnic, a time to relax. This is a time to enjoy other people, but also a time to relax and recharge on our own. September, and lake bastidowhat feels like the beginning of a new year, will be here soon.

Recharging, to me, is an art. This is an excellent time to consider how you recharge, how you would like to recharge, and what works best for you realistically.

For example, I know I recharge most completely on a beach by the ocean with someone else to cook, clean and look after the details, for a solid two weeks. I know that is not going to happen every time I would like it to, or nearly often enough.

So, how can you fit in a mini recharge?

The first step is to find a few things that work for you. Variety is the spice of life, even in revitalization. So here are some examples of what I use.

The first one may surprise you, may not feel like recharging, but for me, it works.

  1. Finish something that is hanging over you. Nothing drains my energy so completely as the weight of something I need to do and haven’t. Once I do that, there is a lot of energy freed up that can be used elsewhere – like in having a good time.
  2. I like to go for a walk in the evening – nothing vigorous or purposeful, just a meandering in the night air that leads to a more restful sleep.
  3. There is nothing like a good cup of tea, and if it’s in a nice little café that’s not too noisy or crowded, all the better. I may read, make my organizing lists, people watch or just stare into space for a while. It’s an interlude out of my regular routine, and quite refreshing.
  4. Time in nature is essential to me. When I don’t get close to water or trees for a period of time something inside me shrivels up. When I’m near water I can feel what needs to go being seduced out of me. I feel lighter and more grounded, connected to myself. When I’m out with the trees, there is often one that calls me, inviting me to come close and share. Touching the tree, with permission, allowing it to share its energy is for me, revitalizing. Standing under the branches of a tree with leaves, I can sometimes feel a shower of energy, something like Reiki, particularly if I ask for the help.
  5. Exercise. For some, losing yourself in a yoga class, a trip to the gym, jogging through the park re-energizes. Swimming works for me, as does getting on my stepper.

These are all really good ways to take a mini vacation to recharge. They may work for you, they may not. Try them on to see. Find your own ways to recharge. This is a great time to experiment. Let me know what you come up with. I’m always open to new ideas.

Treading Water/Flowing Forward

New Moon is Monday July 4th, 2016, and is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, and water is a symbol for the emotions. Traditionally, Cancer rules home, family, relationships, security, nurturing.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to people around me, observing, and being aware of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhat is happening with me. I’ve had a strong feeling that something is coming, something important that I need to be ready for. At the same time, I’ve felt as though I’m in a holding pattern, not yet able to see or to move forward – treading water, so to speak. So, I decided it was time to start getting in shape. I joined the gym at the community centre, started aqua fit classes to ease my knees into fitness, and I worked on myself. I started re-writing the website, signed up for Ladies Learning Code, so I’ll have some small idea of what I’m doing with the website. Lots of back ground work. Some people I know are re-launching their businesses, taking them to the next level. Others are getting married, re-launching their lives as a couple. Some are graduating from school and launching a new phase of their lives. It seems to be the theme around me right now. What is changing for you?

With this new moon we have a great opportunity to get in touch with our feelings about what is going on in our lives. Nothing can really change in our lives, we cannot take our power, unless we are aware of where we are and how we feel about it. One of my favourite sayings is “this is not an acceptable reality”. When I can say this, I know I am aware of how I’m feeling about where I am. So that is the first mandate this New Moon – be aware.

I have the feeling that this month we have the opportunity to create something new, something great. Inspiration will flow, we just need to reach out and grab it. In order to do something with that inspiration, we need to know where we’re starting from. We need a solid platform to step up or out from.

During these time of self-discovery, self-nurturing is paramount. If you are not in shape, taking care of yourself, you have little to share with your inspiration, your family, your home. So, join me at the gym, get out into nature and commune with the trees, get out the essential oils, do your breathing, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and eat good food. Make sure you nurture yourself in some small way every day. Make a list of what makes you feel good, then work those things into your schedule.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Be aware of your feelings – so you can decide if you want to act on them or heal them
  • Nurture yourself

If you are setting intent this month, here are some examples:

  • I am asking for awareness of what is happening both in myself and in my family.
  • I am asking for healing for my (anger, fear, resentment, insecurity).
  • I am asking for the confidence to grasp inspiration and to move forward with it, as qppropriate, and for highest and best good.

Have a great month. Have a great long weekend.


Me and My Shadow

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and is ruled by Mercury – the messenger to the gods. Just from that piece of information we can tell that Gemini rules communication and tends to move around – physically or mentally.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Mercury takes short trips delivering messages from god to god, so Gemini favours taking short trips. This is a great time for a few days away – a break from routine. We’re at the six – month mark of the year, so take a short break and refresh your energy. It’s wonderful what a weekend away will do for you.
Gemini is an air sign and therefore deals with the mental plane and how we think. It is also the sign of the twins – duality. So, does our thinking reflect duality? Are things black and white, am I right you’re wrong? Do I think with my head or my heart? Gemini teaches us to see both sides without blame or judgment. We can lead with our heart, but still see clearly where we are going and think through the plan to get there. They are not mutually exclusive. Every part has its part to play. Duality also recognizes that we have a public side and a shadow side – the side we hide or bury. Our shadow holds all the emotions, behaviour and thought patterns that we may need to clear in order to move forward. Sometimes we’re aware of them, sometimes not. There is no need to judge our shadow side – it is a cherished part of us, the part that, when recognized, helps us to grow. This is a great month to seek out the shadow, to ask it to help us to heal.
Communication is a big part of Gemini’s gift. It covers communication devices, of course, as we all prepare for problems in that area when Mercury goes retrograde. But it also rules the spoken and written word.
Gemini, along with Sagittarius – its opposite sign –  are not well known for tact. They both have foot in mouth disease. So, now is a time to reflect on how you communicate. Do you use gentleness in your choice of words? Are you precise in your expression, choosing words that say what you mean? Words are vibration, and affect at a vibrational level. Listen to different words and take note of how you feel in your body when you hear them. For example, “love” has a very specific vibration. “Hate” also has a very specific vibration. Say these words and see how you feel with each. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be aware of how words affect you at a feeling level. Then listen to how you communicate and see if there is anything you would change. I’d love to hear what you find. Let me know.


Slow Down and Smell The Roses

In Aries, we did the pushing and focusing in the birth of our newness – new awareness, new ideas, new life structures, new ideas. Now it’s time to nurture ourselves after all that work to IMG_0019birth and also to nurture what we have created.
Taurus, the Bull, reminds us to slow down. As the bull, it generally takes it’s time, plodding, taking time to rest and rejuvenate, time to smell the roses along the journey.
Slowing down can be very difficult to do, to let go of the need to always be doing something. But when I slow down, take a good look at my activity – how much of it has actually served to move me forward either physically, mentally , emotionally or spiritually? And How much of it have I really enjoyed?
Those quiet times, those times of reflection, help us to be aware of beliefs that need to be shifted, ideas that have outlives their usefulness. As we grow older, we understand that it’s important to enjoy what we do, how we live. Learn that as early as possible – it’s what keeps us young.
So, your mission: Get out and take a walk. Look at the gardens you pass, stop and greet the new growth. Ask for a Robin to say “hello”. Greet the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Rain. Acknowledge them as part of your life – as part of you. Enjoy the scent of Spring – the lilacs will be out soon. By doing this, you nurture and appreciate Natures’ rebirth, and will feel that rebirth in yourself.
The Bull is also a stubborn creature. Push him too far and he’ll dig in his heels. He may be a patient one, but don’t get him angry.
So, Taurus teaches us about patience; patience is a virtue, remember? We’ve grown into a society demanding instant gratification, but dreams need time to grow, to flesh our, to manifest and be reworked as we change. Nothing is ever “done”. It’s all a work in progress – as are we. Allowing the time for things to percolate, allowing people to cahnge in their own time, is so satisfying, when you can do it.
The other side of the lesson is knowing when to draw the line – the point at which the bull charges with steam coming out of it’s nostrils (remember the cartoons?). What are your limits? Where are your boundaries? Self awareness is so important, so take some time in contemplation to discover your limits and your values.
Stubbornness can also lead to stagnation. That “I’m not going anywhere or trying anything new, especially if it was not my idea”. If you find that parts of your life have stagnated, where are you resisting change? Change is a constant in life on Earth. If you are stagnating, things need to be shaken up. Invite the change, welcome it. Try saying “Dear Universe, I am ready to accept the change that is needed in my life to help me move forward. Please help me be aware of, accept, and walk through any fear that may present itself on this new journey, and let me move forward with confidence.”
So, some questions to ask yourself:
  • Do I welcome change? If not, how can I be more open, more courageous?
  • Is there an area of my life that is stagnating? If so, how can I shift this lack of movement?
  • Do I understand what my core values are? If not, what are they?
This is a time of year when things start to open up, to blossom. Enjoy the process.

New Moon in Aries – New Beginnings

The last lunar cycle, in Pisces, we built a strong inner base through learning trust, surrender to our intuitive knowing and guidance. We learned how to find inner calm through meditation, yoga, time in nature.
Now, we are in Aries, a fire sign, with the New Moon in Aries on Thursday April 7, 2016. This is another sign where the focus is on the Self, but this time we focus on how we are in the world. Are we authentic, true to ourselves, are we ready to move forward? Are we ready to be the initiator, the leader? Are we able to stand on our own with courage and strength, while still being aware of others and how we affect them?
Aries is the first New Moon in the new Lunar Calendar. We ended one cycle in Pisces and are beginning a new cycle now. What we do, how we think, in Aries, sets the tone for the Lunar Year. This New Moon, choose what you need to focus on with that in mind.
This sign is ruled by Mars, the red planet. Mars rules the blood. The Sun is in Aries, and the Sun rules the heart. The heart pumps the blood throughout the body, bringing new life to our existence. (Thezodiacastrology.com). We have the opportunity to bring new life, new inspiration, new direction to our lives. This is our opportunity.
Aries is the warrior. It learns through action, through doing. Experience is the best teacher. As the new shoots push out through the earth, we push our inspiration, our new ideas into the physical. We take risks, we take action, and we move our lives to the next level. What is the next step for you?
Astrologyking.com talks of this month as a month of change, excitement and higher awareness. We are moving from chaotic and unexpected change to planned and structured change (with the influence of Saturn Retrograde). This is a transition period. It suggests that we take time and care during these transition periods. Explore things carefully before before we jump into new opportunities. So, consider that next step, look before you leap, but do leap.
If you are setting intent for this New Moon, here are some samples:
  • I am asking for the courage to be authentic in everything I do.
  • I am asking for guidance and the ability to hear that guidance, around my next step.
  • I am asking for the perseverance, tenacity and courage to go after what I want to create this year.

Change is Coming

New Moon in Pisces:

February 21/22 we entered the astrological sign of Pisces. This is the last sign in our current cycle. Soon we start the journey through the signs once more. This is our opportunity to review the last cycle and decide what we want to take forward with us. Let’s recognize our accomplishments and take a moment to celebrate them.
When you have become clear on what you are taking forward, consider what you want to bring in that is new. Take some time to dream, to imagine what you would like the next cycle to look like.
This seems to be a quiet time, with people waiting out the gloomy last days of winter, Springanticipating more sun. Take this time to nurture yourself, to get ready for new growth, new opportunities. Take some time to prepare for spring planting or new ideas, hopes and dreams.
Pisces invites us to reconnect with Spirit. Sitting quietly in meditation, doing yoga or tai chi, spending time in nature are ways to do this. These practices help to keep us centred and grounded. Being connected, centred and grounded help us to Trust in the Universe. We are always in the right place at the right time by the standards of the Universe. Learning to trust and to surrender to that, to trust in Spirit, thereby trusting in ourselves, is being offered to us in Pisces. Open the doors and let trust in. Surrender.
Pisces is a water sign, so we are automatically dealing with emotions. We always have a choice in how we feel. We can choose to be joyful, sad, to wallow in self pity, to feel the victim, or to feel in charge of our lives. If you don’t like the way you feel, make a different choice. It sounds simple, and it is. But it’s not always easy. We may have to work at it or get help with it. It may not happen over night; then again it might.
This is an altruistic sign. It’s a sign of forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding the other. This is the Pisces in Vesica Pisces. Two circles intersecting with part that is shared between the circles. Two people intersecting, two organizations, two countries . Like the symbol for yin and yang, part of each one is in the other. This makes it easier to empathize, to understand the other point of view.
Physically, Pisces deals with the lymphatic system, toxicity, bunions and corns.

Expanding Our Vision – New Moon in Aquarius

IMG_20141111_142806Last month we started dreaming and planning what we want to accomplish in 2016. We were focused inward, on the self, and on what those plans could do for us. Now, it’s time to expand our vision to include “the other”, to take a wider view, a world view. How do our plans affect and enrich others?
January 22nd we moved into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, working with the mental realm. It is a sign that is focused outward, toward the future. It’s an objective sign, and can be dispassionate.
Aquarius is also a sign of innovation – finding new ways to do things. So, even though we may feel stuck in the “same old, same old”, there will be something we can change to make it more interesting. Some people find themselves in situations that they, for some reason or other, cannot leave – taking care of an ill child or parent etc. You may be stuck in a situation, but there is always something you can change. It may be in the environment or in yourself – the only person you can change. Maybe there is something that is not working that we can let go of – like an attitude or belief system. For example, if you change “have to” to “want to” in your mind, in your speech, everything can change. Are you finding ways to carve out moments of freedom? Are you growing personally through the experience – gaining patience, understanding? What is this experience bringing you? Nothing is ever wasted. Look for the gems, and honour them.
Looking at our lives and the events in them from a different direction, a different perspective, can help us to gain awareness of the underlying cycles or patterns. This is where talking to a friend can help, getting a different perspective. The vibration of Aquarius is here to support us, so let’s take advantage.
This is also a great time to look at other restrictions in our lives, those things that hold us back. Restrictions are either created by us, or accepted by us at some level. They are often ways to keep ourselves safe, to keep ourselves small. Some of us don’t want to be seen or heard, for reasons we may not even understand. But by keeping ourselves small, we deprive others of our wisdom, our light. It serves no one.
So, your mission this lunar month, should you decide to accept it, is to uncover if and how you are restricting yourself from leading a most joyous, fulfilled life. Then at New Moon, intuit ways to do things differently. Take some quiet time, maybe pull out your tarot, maybe just sit and breathe, and tune into cosmic wisdom.
Physically, Aquarius rules ankles, calves and circulation.

New Moon in Capricorn 2016 –

From breezy, easy Sagittarius we move to a more somber energy of Capricorn.

Capricorn is an Earth sign represented by the Goat. Goat symbolizes tenacity, being sure footed and constancy. The grounded goat can climb mountains, and encourages us to climb our own personal mountains, physical or goatsotherwise. Be assured, the view from the top is spectacular.

The sign of the Goat is a practical sign, urging us to self-discipline and being sensible, especially with money. Capricorn is a forward thinking sign, a sign of planning, making commitments. It is a very goal and career oriented, ambitious sign.

It is no surprise that this is the beginning of tax time and retirement savings plans. Planning for the future is important to Capricorn. As we look at our income and spending patterns at tax season, we begin to set financial goals for the coming year.

New Years is traditionally a time of setting resolutions for the year ahead in Western culture. Most of the time these resolutions get broken, or forgotten. We try to start in January to set things in motion but end up with a lack of commitment. I’ve never had luck starting new goals, planting new seeds, in January. The ground is still frozen, at least here in Canada. For me, this is the time of consideration. What are my options? What is best for me to shift or set in motion this coming year? Let me dream what life would be if I chose this or if I chose that. This is a time of feeling things out – getting ready for the Spring Equinox. With Mercury Retrograde from January 5th/6th until January 25th/26th, this year it’s even more a time to feel our way.

So, decide on your goals, but be prepared to change or fine-tune them. Be watchful for opportunities, define what success would be for you and what steps you would need to take to manifest them. Indulge the planning stage. Don’t be afraid to day dream; amazing things come from letting the mind wander.


Think about three goals for the coming year
Decide what being successful would be for each one. Define the goal in more detail
Dream about how you would feel with this goal coming into fruition.
Be prepared to change or tweak it

Sit with these goals. Do this for a few days, probably best to do this until the end of Mercury Retrograde. Do they feel appropriate? Let Mercury do its’ job. Let things simmer and blend, and see what happens.

Physically, Capricorn deals with knees, arthritis and gall bladder. A little cleanse after the holidays may be in order. I’m doing a 5 day juice cleanse starting Monday. Feel free to join me – I can send you the info if you’re interested.

New Moon in Sagittarius 2015

Sagittarius is the most optimistic, freedom loving sign in the Zodiac. New Moon in Sagittarius is Friday December 11. Sag. is a fire sign and its focus is outward. Bring it on, the more the merrier. After the journey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthrough deep, inner focused Scorpio, it feels as though the bonds have been loosened and we are able to expand, let loose our arrows and fly. Even though my feeling is that this a more contemplative version of Sag this year, I definitely feel the shift from Scorpio.

Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, is a planet of expansion and excess. To those born under this sign, events may seem larger than life. Tall tales are not intentional, that’s just how it is. They may also have difficulty knowing when to quit. Too much good times, good food, good laughs. Moderation is an appropriate lesson for a Sag.

This is a sign of optimism – the original Pollyanna. We can certainly use some optimism right now – things are getting better for sure, aren’t they…. There is always a silver lining and things will always work out. If there is something in your life that seems not to be working out, take a moment aside, envision the situation and envision the highest and best good outcome as you see it. Then let it go and assume some of Sagittarius’ optimism.

People born under this sign are generally ideas people. They have the big vision. They are the people to talk to for the inspiration, but don’t expect the details to be taken care of or the follow through to happen naturally unless they have a good dose of Virgo in their chart. They are brilliant at what they do, so use this energy to be inspired and see the big picture. Dream a little, or a lot. Next Lunar month we’ll be practical. This is a great time to dream. Light some candles, put on some soft music and let inspiration come. Don’t force it – that’s not the Sagittarius way. Let it flow. Is there a fairy in that candle light – I guess for fire, it would be a salamander, wouldn’t it?

New Moon in Scorpio 2015 – Delving Deep

We moved into the sign of Scorpio between October 21st and 23rd. Scorpio is a fixed water sign that takes us down to the depths to discover what we’re hiding from ourselves. It’s a sign that invites change. fall road

When we experience something that is too much to handle, whether it’s the way we’re spoken to, or of, the way we’re treated, or an event that is too shocking or fearful, we create coping mechanisms in order to survive.

One of those coping mechanisms is to bury the feelings as deeply as we can, so we can fool ourselves that situations never happened, or at least that they did not have an affect us. In the work that I do, that would be called creating barriers around the heart or brain. What happened is buried in the unconscious safely behind hefty stone walls. This protects us from the pain, the fear, the confusion.

We’re being asked now to finally face what we’ve buried. The more we release, the more light we can carry. The more light we carry, the more we can help others release and heal just through our presence.

Scorpio is an inner journey. It rules birth, death and sexuality (creativity). This gives us the opportunity to examine our triggers, our behaviour patterns, then transform that which no longer serves us. This takes time alone to explore our inner reality.

When we understand ourselves we see what needs to be celebrated and what needs to shift. Set intent to release and heal. Scorpio rules self-mastery and some forms of healing, so take charge, celebrate what got you to where you are and release what needs to go.

Take some time alone to do this little meditation:

Do some deep breathing to relax and centre yourself.
Close your eyes. Breathe in, pulling the breath down to the abdomen, then fill the rib cage then the shoulder/chest. Slowly release the breath from the shoulder/chest, then rib cage and the abdomen. Do this 3 or 4 times until you feel centred and relaxed.
When it feels right, ask your guides, your angels, your higher self, whoever you work with, to bring what needs to be released into your consciousness in a way that you can understand and handle. Relax and let it come. Then ask to learn what you needed to learn, to see the gift in the situation, and to heal. When your meditation feels complete, thank whoever has been working with you, slowly open your eyes and move into the now.
The answer may not come immediately. It may be modelled for you in someone else’s behaviour; you may see it in a line in a book. Expect an answer, then watch for it. When you get it, ask for the learning and healing, so that you may move forward.

Scorpio is a sign of loyalty and tenacity. In a relationship, they are focused on the partner, seldom straying. When working on a project, they give it their full attention, looking at it from all angles, probing it to find out all there is to know. Scorpio skims the surface of nothing that it is interested in. With the help of the Scorpio energy, we can give up the slap-dash and give people, situations and ideas the attention they deserve.

It’s no surprise that physically Scorpio deals with the organs of elimination, sexual diseases and sexual organs. So pay attention to your body and how it is releasing, and practice safe sex.