• Ready to Have Some Fun?

    Full Moon is Sunday (today)/ Monday, and it is no ordinary Full Moon. It is a Super (close to the Earth) Blood (red in colour) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. It is visible here in North America – barring clouds, of course. Wow!
    If you want to view the Eclipse, it begins at 9:30 pm EST and goes until 3:48 am Monday morning, with totality at 12:41. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for clear skies.
    I’ve done a lot of reading around this Full Moon, and a lot of listening to people. What I’m hearing jives very closely to what my sense is.
    Some of what I’ve read has been dire predictions about this being a difficult Full Moon Eclipse. That’s not the feeling I’m getting. Yes, we may be asked to
    • stand in our power and take a leadership role
    • find some courage and act on it
    • actually follow through on ideas and responsibilities
    We might have to polish up our self-confidence until it is a beacon in the dark. But, we’re up for that, right? And that is not what I got out of all my research.
    This is my sense of this Leo Eclipse:
    • We need to have more fun
    • We need to dust off our creativity and get those juices flowing
    This is what I’ve been hearing people saying: “I’m not having any fun” and “I’ve lost my creative spark”. So let’s get going. Hopefully, finding one will bring forth the other.
    It was this time last year I realized I wasn’t having as much fun as I wanted to, so I started a meetup group. Not everyone’s idea of adding fun to life, but for me, it was perfect. It gives me another way of connecting and sharing, which brings me joy.
    As for creativity, I’m hoping to get back to knitting and needlework, making crystal bracelets etc., amongst other things.
    If you want to increase your creative opportunities, while connecting with others, my friend Gail of Pink Portfolio has started a Crafters Circle that will be meeting in different locations around the city. Bring your knitting, sketching, writing, whatever you want to do, and join in. You can find out more at https://www.meetup.com/The-Pink-Portfolio/
    • What are you doing for fun/creativity?
    • How can you bring more fun/creativity into your life?
    • How can you fit fun/creativity into your busy schedule?
    Ponder it, but not too seriously…..
    We are moving into a year that is asking us to “fine-tune” ourselves, to grow, to keep getting lighter. That’s not always easy, and not always comfortable. Fun and creativity help to create a balance to the more intense work we may faced with. It’s a survival mechanism, a safety valve to let off some steam, to keep things in perspective. This Full Moon we have the support of the Universe to start creating a life that is balanced, joyful and has spark.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please share.
  • Did You See Venus This Morning? and It’s Eclipse Day

    I was pulled out of the house this morning around 7 am by an unseen hand to view Venus in all of its brilliant glory. It was well worth looking up. The sky was clear and Venus was shining brightly in the south east. A beautiful start to a beautiful day.
    The morning had a very quiet essence and I could feel the magic in the air. This is New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of the ram. It’s the first New Moon of the year, and it’s also a partial Solar Eclipse, the first of five this year. Interestingly enough, three of those are in Capricorn.
    From what I have read and what I have sensed, this is a year to get out of your comfort zone and go after whatever is in your heart. Capricorn is an earth sign, so it brings in a grounded energy that is perfect for putting things in motion. It’s very difficult to manifest if you are not grounded.
    Capricorn, at its base level, is a materialistic sign. It’s about money, status and how high up the mountain your goat can climb. This year, though, we are being asked to move to the higher values of Capricorn, ensuring that what we create is heart-centred and is in the highest and best good for all concerned. We are asked to connect with Guidance as we work to help us to remain in alignment. Bring in the wisdom of the crone, the elder, as you move forward.
    I was really eager to get a head start with all this new creative energy coming in. I started working with it, acknowledging it in November. I had all these plans for December – what I was going to set up and prepare for the New Year. The Universe, however, had other ideas. I slept most of December away. I took naps and still slept 10 to 12 hours a night.
    I realized that I had some healing to do, some limitations to release, before I could move forward with my intentions. In sleep, the body, mind, spirit are able to heal. That way you are not able to interfere in the process. That works for the unconscious, as well. That’s why Learning Path Integrated Technique works so well. If you have some limitations to let go of, or some healing to do before you can move forward, call me and lets talk. Learning Path will help.
    So, this is a month to put n the work and reap the rewards.
    • Focus on what you want and love and the path to get there
    • Help others in the process
    • Be flexible and ready to change if necessary
    • Set a routine that you follow- it’s grounding and keeps you focused
    • Honour the body so it will honour you
    • Check in with Guidance
    This year is an unheard of opportunity to create the life you long for. Take advantage. Let me know if I can help. Happy manifesting,
  • Eclipses and New Moon

    letting go – milkweed

    Tomorrow, Friday the 13th (an auspicious day) is the New Moon in Cancer. It is also a Solar Eclipse. And let’s not forget those planets in retrograde. Such fun! Honestly, you have to look at it that way, or it might be too much.

    The energy is saying slow down, take it easy, don’t sweat it, chill out. It’s time to let all that stress go, let all that fear go.

    So, our job is to let it go. Take some time to think about what needs to go in your life. Is it physical – do you need to clean closets etc.? Is it emotional – do you need to let go of some fear, some need to control? Is it Mental – do you need to clear out and transform self talk or limiting beliefs? There is always something that needs to go so we can move forward.

    This Eclipse is apparently about endings and beginnings. We have to let go of what no longer serves us to make space for the new. Sometimes we need someone to pry our fingers open and help us to move out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to tell the ego to take a nap.

    So, New Moon is in Cancer, as is the Eclipse. Cancer is a water sign, so it deals with the emotions. It’s also about home and family, so maybe what you need to let go of is a toxic relationship, or the need to do it all yourself (I’ve been that martyr – it’s very lonely).  Maybe you need to nurture yourself instead of everyone else. Maybe you need to stop worrying about money, and just let it come. Maybe you need to stop being so sensitive about what other people think of you, and be true to yourself. The list is endless, but you get my gist, right?

    So, take that introspective time and set the intent to let go. If you don’t, I have a feeling that the Lunar Eclipse at Full Moon will do it for you. Believe me, you don’t want that.

  • Balancing Your Inner Twins

    What’s Coming:

    I’ve been doing some reading about what is coming up energetically over the summer. It’s going to be interesting. Between July and August, seven out of eight planets will go retrograde. Only Venus stays direct. So, what does that mean for us? It could mean a couple of things. It could be intense. We might feel like pulling in, being reflective. We may need to sleep more. We might be edgy, out of sorts. However it affects you, go with the flow as much as you are able. Retrogrades give us an opportunity to step back, to re-view, to re-think.

    In July there are also two eclipses, lunar and solar at the full moon and new moon, and eclipses bring change. Take the opportunity for reflection that retrogrades provide and be ready for the change.

    This Wednesday, June 13, is the New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is the sign leading up to summer, as it ends at the Summer Solstice, June 21st. Gemini is an air sign (mental body) ruled by Mercury. Gemini is the sign of the twins, a sign of opposites. Here’s the story.

    The Story:

    The story goes that there were two brothers, twins, called Castor and Pollux. Castor was the mortal twin and Pollux was immortal. They loved each other a great deal. There was a family feud, involving a woman, of course, and Castor was fatally wounded. Zeus, the father figure, gave Pollux, the survivor, a choice. He could spend all of his days as immortal, playing with the gods on Mount Olympus, or he could give half of his immortality to his dead twin. He opted to share, and so the twins together spent one day as immortal at Olympus, and one day as mortal in Hades, the Underworld.


    Hopefully, the story gives you a perspective on Gemini. People born under this sign are generally very social, loving to meet new people. They are energetic, movers, quick witted and curious. They may seem to always be on the go. They are never boring, flitting from here to there trying to experience everything life has to offer. They are communicators, through speech, through writing and through art.

    However, there is the other side to Gemini, the side that needs time alone to regroup, recharge. The side that allows time needed for these things to take place. In my view, herein lies the lesson that Gemini offers us.

     We are all expert at the moving, communicating (don’t we carry our phones everywhere?) and constantly being with people. What we don’t necessarily do is take quiet time, time to reflect, to recharge, to allow room for inspiration to enter. We need time to be with ourselves, just ourselves.

     A few weeks ago I started to incorporate behaviours that I had neglected for a while. I started doing yoga at least four times a week on my own at home, and I started sitting on the porch in the evening for ten minutes, half an hour, whatever time I have. I sit and listen to the wind, watch the trees, the birds, just sit and be. I highly recommend both of these activities. I’ve been more energetic, more inspired and more balanced since I started doing this. I’ve been honouring both sides of Gemini, and it has been paying off. How can you honour Gemini in your life?

     So, remember to set your intent for Wednesday. You may need to get out more, you may need more time for yourself. Whatever you decide to set for yourself, do it in joy.

  • Getting Things Started – New Beginnings with Aries

    This is New Moon in Aries. Depending on where you live it is either today (Sunday), or tomorrow, a time of new beginnings.
    New Moon is a time to withdraw from the hustle and bustle and reflect on our lives. What do we want to shift? What do we want to attract? It is a time to focus and to set intent.
    This New Moon is in Aries. It is the beginning of a new cycle. In a sense it is the New Year – astrologically it is the New Year. Aries is the first constellation in our cycle of twelve, the first sign of the zodiac. So, at this time, the intent we set is really affecting the rest of the cycle.
    The Universe seems to be saying “take this time and reflect well”. The weather faery here in Toronto and in many other places has brought sleet, rain, freezing rain and snow, the perfect formula to keep us quiet, indoors and able to reflect.
    Aries is about new beginnings. It’s a fire sign, so it helps us to ignite our imaginations and lights a fire under us so that we have the impetus to move, to set new ideas into motion.
    Before you do that, though, it is wise to understand where you are aiming, where you want to arrive at the end of the journey. So, take a moment or two and ask yourself these epic questions:
    • Who am I truly? What do I believe in? What are my values?
    When I did this, I realized that one of my beliefs is that healing does not have to be painful. It can be fun and an adventure. That’s how I prefer to look at it. It’s exciting to learn more about myself through my personal healing.
    I also believe that there are some simple healing steps that help almost everything – diet, exercise, changing the way we think and releasing emotional baggage.
    • What am I passionate about?
    Personally, I love to see the shift in my clients. The eyes become clearer, the skin tones change after a session. It is beautiful to see.
    I also believe passionately that everyone should have some tools that they can use for self care. I love teaching these, from formal classes in Reiki and LPIT to giving tips like imagining the colour of the water in the shower changing to whatever colour feeds your soul that day. Magical.
    • What do I want my life to look like?
    I am pretty much living my dream. I would only ask that more of the people that need what I have to offer be able to find me.
    • How can I use my passion and values to create the life I want this year?
    I am meeting more people, being more visible, so that I am more of a beacon for those who resonate with what I do. And I’ll take all the help offered. If you know of someone who could use my services and you trust what I do, then I would love the referrals.
    What will you discover about yourself? What will you new year look like?
    Surrender to the weather and the feeling of quiet and do some soul searching. Make sure this new cycle gets off on the right foot – or the left…..
    And enjoy.
  • Feeling Like You Need to Slow Down?

    Do you feel as though you have to slow down, sleep more? Is it harder to get things done? The New Moon in Scorpio is today, November 18. Scorpio is a water sign, and as such, it deals with emotions. It’s an intense sign that can take you into the depths. So, sometimes we need to slow down and reflect.

    In November, the skies are often dark and a bit gloomy. It’s damp and rainy outside, giving us the desire to hunker down, take naps, move more slowly. Although I love this time of year, sometimes I feel as though the gloom is being reflected at me. This is a great time to practice self care, to nurture ourselves and treat ourselves well.

    It’s an invitation to be reflective, to take time to see ourselves from different angles. We can see where we are out of control. When we slow down, or maybe even stop for awhile, things that we have shoved down can rise to the surface to be healed.

    The leaves die and fall from the trees with the help of the rain and wind that November brings. It is a natural cycle, as is our releasing.

    A lot of us have the habit of holding onto that which no longer serves us. This is an excellent time to take a look and see what is there. Everything from clothes, nik naks, books may need to go to create space for the new.

    We have the opportunity to recognize and gently release belief systems, fears, and anger that we stubbornly cling to, as well.

    It might be helpful to create a ceremony for releasing. Perhaps, light a candle and release what needs to go into the flame. Or, envision a bubbling stream flowing through you – into all the nooks and crannies of your being, gently prying out what needs to go, dissolving it and releasing it as pure energy ready to be re-used.

    Bless what leaves for whatever gifts it gave you – lessons, wisdom, and growth.

    Use the Jupiter in Scorpio energy to make this fun. Letting go doesn’t have to be painful. Take some time to feel into what would help you to let go of limitations. Pull out some crystals, a bowl of salt water, do some visualizing. Let me know what works for you. I’d love to share what works.


  • What Would You Expand in Your Life?

    Tomorrow, Thursday the 19th, is the New Moon in Libra. How can the attributes of Libra help us on our journey?How can we expand to embrace our journey more effectively?

    Libra is an Air sign and is represented by the scales. Thus, one of its focuses is on equality.

    Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet that represents beauty, art, co-operation, and creativity. It deals with relationships both with others and with the self. Balancing your own inner male and female relationship, as well as relationships outside of yourself, is important in Libra.

    Balance and equality include seeing the other side of the story, hearing both sides of view in a discussion, taking into account you don’t need to agree, just allow others to hold different opinions. We need to be able to do this in order to create harmonious, productive and creative partnerships that work.

    If you are creating intent this month, there are lots of ideas here to choose from. Some examples:

    • I am asking for more balance in my life between work and play.
    • I am asking to see the beauty in all things, and all people.
    • I am asking to release the need to be right, and be able to listen effectively to others.

    The real news this month, though, seems to be that Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune and of expansion, has moved from Libra into Scorpio. Scorpio is about life and death – transformation. Now, see that expanded in your life.  Take a look at your life, at yourself. What needs to change? Do you need to become more independent, or do you need to allow others to help you? Do you need to let go of fear so you can move forward? Do you need to shine, to let others know you are there and have skills and love to offer? What is it in your life that needs to shift so that you can be all that you are meant to be?

    This will be a focus for the next year, until November 8, 2018. So, be prepared for change. Jupiter is usually joyful, and the changes are good ones. They may not seem so at the time, but hang in there until the end of the story.

    This New Moon is an expanded beginning, offering us support to change. Let go of resistance. The change is coming, whether we co-operate or not. If we don’t, if we resist, it will just make the journey more difficult.

    So, welcome to Jupiter in Scorpio at this lovely New Moon in Libra.


  • Did You Hum With Me?

    In my last email I said that was going to try humming for 5 days and see what happened. Well, I thought I’d let you know what happened. It took me a couple of days to get started – a little procrastination there, but once I got started, I was fascinated.

    The first couple of days I did some simple humming. I just picked a tone that was comfortable and started to hum. Sometimes I made an “mmmm” sound, others I actually used the word “hum”.  I felt the vibration in different parts of my body – the head, the throat, the chest and stomach areas. It felt good, but I did not see anything amazing. Of course, in two days there might not be a great change. Patience, Diane.

    On the third day, I decided to focus the vibration. I chose to feel it in my feet. So, as I hummed, I imagined the vibration moving to my feet, and that’s where it went. My feet buzzed with the vibration. In fact, an hour later they were still buzzing. Did I notice a difference? Yes, I did. My feet felt more flexible and walking seemed easier. That was encouraging.

    The next day, I decided to focus on my ankles, knees and hips, as my knees were sore and they were in the middle of the three joints. It seemed like a good idea to do all three, since I know they influence each other. The knee stiffness eased up a bit, stairs were a bit easier, which was good because it was laundry day – up and down stairs a lot.

    The last day, I decided to go wild. I decided to play with the tones – up and down the scale, be bopping from one tone to another, up two tones down four. I played with the number of times I did each tone, the length of time I held each tone. I had fun with it. I found myself smiling, then laughing. I connected with joy.

    I was going to say nothing much happened, but as I write this, I realize that a great deal happened. No, I didn’t cure some dastardly disease, but I felt better. I discovered a tool that is always with me that can ease pain, increase flexibility, a tool that I can focus where I need it to go, and one that connected me to my joy. Not bad for 5 minutes a day for 5 days.

    It also meant that for 5 minutes, there were no unwanted thoughts roaming around my brain, depressing me, getting me angry or upset. My mind was clear, able to receive the good stuff. I feel very grateful to the people who wrote those articles about humming, grateful that I read them and grateful that I took this journey. I highly recommend it.

  • Hum Your Way to Health – Sound Healing

    A few nights ago I was reading an article by Jonathon Goldman,  renowned for sound healing and teaching. It was a channeled piece in the August issue of the Sedona Magazine, and it was about humming. I’ve always been interested in sound healing, so I read on.

    The article referred to humming as the “sound of creation”, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe referred to architecture as “frozen music”. Hmmmm.

    Now, I’ve known for years that it is impossible to experience those constantly recurring thoughts that go round and round, at the same time as you hum. You just can’t do both at the same time. I’m not a scientist – I don’t know why. For me, it’s enough to know. I guess that is one use of sound healing.

    So, it’s not a stretch for me to believe what is said about humming. We know that the vibration created by humming massages the inside of the body. We can feel it when we hum. For sure we feel it in our throat, our mouth, but if we are conscious – paying attention – when we hum, we can feel it in other parts of our bodies as well.

    According to the channeled being, humming has the potential to open blood vessels in the brain – helping to regenerate brain cells. He feels humming could be beneficial for conditions such as Alzheimers, strokes and brain injury. If that’s true, it’s an easy, inexpensive healing method-sound healing- that requires no external equipment. I’m all for that.

    In India, they have been chanting OM for centuries. The sound of OM is close to, if not actually, humming. It has certainly had no negative effects. Gabriel Axel wrote an article on Mantras (Sanskrit word for sound tool) and OM that is very interesting. If you are interested in sound healing, check it out. (https://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/2013/10/02/your-brain-on-om-the-science-of-mantra).

    There was an exercise in the article by Jonathon Goldman that I decided to try – 5 minutes of conscious humming. I found a tone that worked for me, took a deep relaxed breath and started my venture into sound healing.

    At first, I felt the vibration in my throat, then my chest. It moved up to the bridge of my nose, and as I continued to hum, the vibration moved to the base of my spine. I could feel “stuff” releasing from my lower back – energy moving out of me. It was very cool.

    I’m going to continue this practice for a while and see what happens. It feels good, it’s easy, and it’s something I can do. It’s something you can do, too. An unofficial 5 day “sound healing” challenge. Anyone join me?


  • Ground, Release and Get Stuff Done

    For most of this month we are in the sign of Virgo. I know Virgo traits fairly well as I’ve spent years getting rid of one of their traits and incorporating a few others.


    Virgos tend to be perfectionists, which in and of itself is not a terrible thing, but it can be a true hindrance to getting anything done. I used to be a perfectionist, and worked hard to overcome it. One main reason for perfectionism is that it’s easier to keep working at something (because it won’t ever be perfect) than to risk putting it out there and not having it accepted.

    It takes a lot of confidence building and coming to the understanding that not everyone is going to resonate with your ideas, your opinions and what you do, nor should they. There would be little growth if we all agreed.

    Once we stop needing to be perfect, things can start to happen in our lives. If we take a few chances, we’ll find out that it isn’t painful. It can be quite liberating, in fact.


    Virgo is a grounding sign, being an Earth sign. People born under this sign tend to be practical and have their feet on the ground. It’s no coincidence that a phrase like “having their feet on the ground” is used to describe someone who is grounded. That’s why one of the best ways to ground is simply to be aware of your feet on the ground.

    So, here you go:

    Bring your awareness to the soles of your feet.

    • Feel them on the earth or in your shoes.
    • Be aware of them as you walk or stand.

    We don’t do enough grounding these days. We spend too much time in our heads or looking at a screen. Getting out in nature is also very grounding, so go for a walk in the park.

    Getting Stuff Done:

    One of the really cool things about Virgo people is that they are organized and “get stuff done”. This is an excellent quality to incorporate, so if you find yourself having an impulse to organize and cull, getting rid of what is no longer needed – go with it. That’s Virgo doing its magic. By releasing “stuff”, whether it be books you’ve already read, fear that no longer serves you, or thoughts that keep you feeling small, by letting go, you create space for all kinds of good things to come in.

    So, ground, release, and get stuff done.

    If you are setting intent this New Moon, here are some samples:

    • I am asking for the courage to “just do it”.
    • I am asking for help to understand and release the fear that holds me back.
    • I am asking to be more careful, aware and detail oriented in my work and life in general.
    • I am asking for a benevolent reminder to be grounded.
    • I am asking to give up the need to be perfect and be more of who I really am.

    Enjoy this New Moon in Virgo, and all that goes with it.