• Adapting and Flow

    When I look at Virgo, I see a sign with two sides that work together – one that is very grounded in daily routine – very earthy. The other represents the Priestess. It’s as though Virgo is giving us the reminder to bring the Divine into all that we do, and to remember that we are Divine and to treat ourselves accordingly.

    This New Moon in Virgo was yesterday evening. It always feels a bit like a new year to me, with so many changes. Summer is ending, school is starting, the weather is changing. There is a different feel to this time of year. I feel as though I have an opportunity for a fresh start.


    Since this is a time of so much change, including all the changes that covid has brought in, it’s a good thing that one of the qualities of Virgo is adaptability, being able to adjust, to understand how to maneuver in this new reality.

    One of the things we can do for ourselves in this time of change is to recognize our anchors and use them. Our routines keep us anchored, they create a rhythm in our life that keeps us grounded. Knowing what those are means that when we need grounding we can move into one of our routines to give us that moment. One of the things I do is stand at the back door and look out. I notice the birds, what kind there are, I count the squirrels waiting for breakfast. That is part of my routine and helps to ground me into my day. It’s a simple thing, but our grounding tools do not have to be elaborate.

    Being grounded means that you are not “in your head” but your awareness is down in your body. That means you are aware of what is going on around you. You’re not going to step out in front of a bike in the bike lane. You are able to focus on what you are doing, fully present.

    Honouring Ourselves

    Virgo also invites us to honour ourselves, our bodies, to treat them with respect and take care of them. Taking stock of our diet and how our body responds to what we are eating is a Virgo thing to do. Being aware of the foods our body prefers to eat and handles well, then eating them and releasing the foods that make our bodies feel sluggish, helps us to be more adaptable and navigate our lives and all it offers with more ease and grace.

    Setting up an exercise plan that will take you through the winter is another thing you can do to honour your body. Exercise creates all those good vibrations that run around in your body and make your toes tingle. It also helps you to think more clearly and feel better about yourself.

    Since New Moon is a time to go within, it might be interesting to contemplate

    • Where do I need to open to change?
    • How can I greet change with a sense of adventure?
    • What can I do differently to make my life better, easier, more filled with grace?
    • What grounds me?

    Enjoy the rest of Virgo time. Use it to get to know yourself at a deeper level, and be in joy.

  • Leo and the Lion’s Gate

    The Lion’s Gate

    The Lion’s Gate, the 8th day of the 8th month, was an auspicious time in ancient Egypt. It’s a time when Leo aligns with Sirius, offering more opportunities to learn and grow. To have it land on the New Moon in Leo just adds that extra oomph.

    I’ve been aware of the Lion’s Gate for many years, but never really felt anything myself. This time I read that we might feel things physically – energy working its way through our bodies. Friday, I had my own personal earthquake going on, because, of course, Leo is all about the self. So, if you should experience headaches, dizziness, shaking:

    • Rest
    • Drink water
    • Don’t push yourself. Have a “me” day.

    New Moon in Leo

    The New Moon portion of the energy invites us to ask some questions. I t asks:

    • What do I need to let go of? What no longer serves my highest and best good? Now, we’ve been asked many times over the last few months to identify this, but this time, the veils will be parted if we look in the right direction. We have the ability over the next while to see what we have been resisting, what we haven’t wanted to see.
    • What makes me happy? What makes my heart sing?
    • Where do I want to go? What do I want my life to look like?
    • How can I listen better for the answers to my questions?

    These are such fundamental questions if we want to be the leader in our own lives. Be open to finding your answers wherever they come forward.

    My Answers

    Some of mine arrived during a conversation with my good friend Andrea this morning. The fog lifted and I was able to see what at least part of my life going forward could look like. I still have to do the work, but I feel energized around the process. I’m beginning to see new guides arriving, and I’m happy.

    I truly hope your process through this time is rewarding, that many good things arrive as the “no longer necessary” things depart.

  • Did You See The Moon?

    This Full Moon in Aquarius is called the Buck Moon, because the antlers of the male deer have reached their full growth. One stage complete. From what I’ve read, it feels like a completion for us as well. Time to move on.

    The Moon

    This Full Moon is at 1 degree of Aquarius. This is the degree of initiation, of taking the bull by the horns (or buck, in this case) and trying something new, inventive, out of the box. Shake up the energy that is stuck, too familiar, too comfortable, that’s getting you nowhere fast. Dare to be called “crazy”; know that you are just ahead of everyone else’s time. They’ll catch up, or not.

    The Sun

    While the moon is at 1 degree of Aquarius, the sun is at 1 degree of Leo, again the number of initiation and action. Leo is asking us to allow access to more of our authentic self, to open up to whomever we are becoming. We are asked to trust our own knowingness and allow greater alignment to our more authentic path. Trust and follow. When we do that, we can dream bigger, create bigger. With this stronger sense of self, it’s easier for the Aquarius part of the equation to move forward.

    As Aquarians mature, they accept their uniqueness, their differences, stop worrying about “fitting in” and understand that they are perfect as they are. They are trail blazers. The transformation that we are going through now invites us all to take that journey, to join the free-spirited, don’t tell me what to do Aquarians; to let go of our past perceptions, to see ourselves, our lives, differently, through a different lens.

    My suggestion?

    • Take some time and think about your life, your routine, how you always do things.
    • What can you shift in order to make your life easier, change the energy around an activity, a thought.
    • Start small if change makes you nervous. Don’t overwhelm yourself but make a start.

    If you didn’t get out to see the moon last night, try to tonight. It comes up around 11:30 pm, which might be a bit late for some, but well worth it.

    I put my quartz crystals out under the moon last night. Today they were blasting energy. I’m going to leave them out for another couple of days, then use them in meditation.

  • Last Full Moon of the Year

    This is the last Full Moon of the year 2020. How would you describe this year? I just tried to in my head and no words arrived. Perhaps there are no words for it. It’s just been an experience.

    At 10:28 this evening it is Full Moon in Cancer. What a lovely way to end the year. It’s been an unusual year, with many people having to cope with being alone, without being able to be physically present with family. Or perhaps you’ve been working from home and have experienced too much of family. It goes both ways. It’s something else to cope with, during lockdown here in Toronto.

    Cancer is a water sign, which means it deals with the emotional realm. It governs the domestic side of life – home, family, nurturing, caring, especially self-caring. Cancer is a personal, inward kind of sign, one that invites us to look at our lives and see if we are happy with what we have created. If not, how do we get happy? Even with Covid?

    It doesn’t always take a big thing to make us happy. For me, it’s spending time in the park, enjoying a perfect Latte, laughing with my partner. I’ve done a lot of these things this year. They have been a big part of my coping mechanisms.

    As we plan for 2021, what our goals are, what we want to bring in to our life, it would be good to plan for self-care. Plan some things that feel good. Use the gut test. How do I feel when I think about doing this, or being there? If it feels good, incorporate it into your life. If not, move on. Some activities that used to work may not work anymore. That creates space for new things. Let them go with grace.

    This is a great year, what better, than to take the lid off and think outside the box. You may have dreamt of doing something for years and it seemed out of the realm of possibility. This year, strange as it is and may continue to be, might be the year for it. It’s kind of an out of the box year. Take a chance, take that course, connect with that person (online, of course), be fearless and adventurous, and follow your heart.

    We have been dealing with this strange situation of lockdown, partial lockdown, masking up and washing, washing, washing for almost a year now. We can take a look back and see what worked for us, what helped keep us calm, energized and able to cope. We can bring in some new ideas, activities and people. We can be adventurous, cause just because we’re locked down doesn’t mean we have to stay in a box.

    Happy New Year, may it be filled with blessings, yoga, deep breathing, fresh air and hugging a tree, and whatever else works for you.

  • What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    You may think I’m joking with the title of this email, but I’m really not. We have the opportunity right now to create something totally different if we want to, or simply make some tweaks to what is, if that is all that’s needed. It’s our choice.

    That feels so powerful – our choice. Right now, we have the power. The stars have aligned in our favour, so unleash your inner child and dream big.

    What did you always want to do that seemed impossible? Where did you want to be that you’re not? (you might have to forget about the always wanting to be a blonde thing for the moment, unless you’re good with the home kit thing).

    Tomorrow, Monday the 14th, at 11:17am EST, it is New Moon in Sagittarius, AND a total solar eclipse, visible in South America. So, what does that mean?

    Well, change, for starters, but this time we can take the power and make the changes. We’re being supported to do just that, maybe even pushed or pulled.

    The energy of Sag is always moving forward. Her arrow is pointed to the future. It’s an energy of inspiration, of taking a look at the big picture. When we take that look, we can see where things are flowing and where things are blocked, in life, in relationships, in career. Where have we trapped ourselves by our belief systems, by what we think is possible or not possible.

    The child inside you may understand that there are no limits except those we invent for ourselves. If we don’t think it can be done, it’s because nobody has done it yet. Maybe the Universe is waiting for you.

    In our Solstice Celebration on the 20th at 7pm, we’re going to look at those limitations that we have created for ourselves, and begin to release them, to let them go. There are so many wonderful experiences and thoughts waiting to replace them that it is time to let them go. We need to create space. So, do some pondering before the event.

    We’re going to harness the energy of Fire in both of its forms, the destroyer and the nurturer. Since the Eclipse is in a fire sign, and the Solstice closes out the Sagittarius energy, it feels fitting. We’re also welcoming the return of the light, with more daylight every day, and hopefully, more sunshine.

    We’ll honour the Earth, as our foundation, and journey to receive some healing. It’s going to be a fun event.

    To register, reply to this email with the subject Solstice.

  • Eclipses Are Back

    I just went outside and stood under the moon. It felt very focused, very calm. I’m interested to see what this Full Moon brings.

    We have moved into the sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon is in its opposite sign of Gemini. It is exact at 4:30 am EST on Monday November 30. It’s also an eclipse. Yep, we are back in eclipse season. So, this energy and opportunity will last for 6 months, and it will bring change.


    Let’s start with Gemini, an air sign, the sign of the twins, a dual sign. This is my rising sign, and I have always looked at the symbol of Gemini as a doorway, ready to be walked through.

    Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which rules communication. Since it is an air sign, it deals with the mental realm, our thoughts, beliefs, expression, ability to listen. The energy of Gemini is restless excitable, curious, a bit anxious, clever and quick. Because Gemini is a dual sign, it deals with duality – inner and outer, high and low, and options, choices.

    The Eclipse brings focus to these qualities. Everything I’ve read about this Full Moon talks about new beginnings, choosing a new direction, a new path. Because there is duality, there will be two choices, two possible directions. Remember, Eclipses bring change, and change brings fear to many. It is possible that one of these paths may feel comfortable, the other may force us to grow. If we can work through the fear, the sky is the limit.

    Our journey last month through Scorpio may have increased our understanding of self; it may have unlodged some things we didn’t want to look at. I know it did for me. This time coming up is a time to acknowledge what we have learned and who we are now. We have a new foundation. From that foundation, we’re invited to take a look at the long term. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to be? We have the opportunity to create that.

    My feeling is that one of the communication skills of Gemini, the ability to listen, will be very important right now. Not listening to others, but listening to that quiet voice inside, the guidance from our Higher Self, and then trusting that guidance and moving with it.

    Invitation to the Moon

    I invite you to shine your light on how I’ve grown since the last Eclipse.

    I invite you to shine your light on what I need to hear, what I need to see.

    I invite you to shine your light on the possibilities, the paths that have opened to me.

    I invite you to shine your light on me.

    Blessings and thank you.

  • Standing At The Threshold

    Today is New Moon in Libra. Libra is an air sign, so it deals with the mental realm, relationships, how we connect and how we communicate with each other. The symbol for Libra is the scales of balance.

    My sense, coming up to this New Moon, was that it would be beautiful; not soft and easy, but also not harsh and difficult to get through. When I sat with the energy in meditation, I felt that we are standing at a threshold, not quite ready to take the next step, which, for some, could cause frustration. So, cool your jets.

    I also was told that we can only reap what we have sown, so we need to sow carefully. To do that, we need that state of balance of which Libra speaks. Even though we are in an Air sign, we need to ground ourselves, to use the Earth energy to keep ourselves stable so we can think clearly.

    We are in a balance point between the past and the future. We always are. That is called the present. One of the ways we can stay in balance is to honour the past. So, take a moment to honour your past year. How have you grown? How have you changed? I did this exercise this morning and realized I have much more patience, and I am stronger than I realized. I’m much more aware of myself, my body and the effects of my lifestyle on it. How have you changed?

    Then, there is the future. This New Moon seems to be about seeing what that future could be, looking through the door as we stand at the threshold and seeing who we could be, what we could accomplish. Exciting stuff. But are we ready? Have we changed enough to handle what is coming? Is there more we could release, let go of?

    When I listened to my three favourite astrologers talk about this New Moon, (Greg Scott, Sarah Vrba and Molly McCord) I heard a list of things we can observe. Do I hold on to that? Do I still have that behavior? I’ve already started on the list. Of course, I got a hit on the very first one.

    So, here’s the list that I culled out:

    What are we still holding on to?

    What are we still trying to control?

    Do we feel we need to do something, accomplish something, to be of value?

    Where are we frustrated?

    Where have we created walls to protect ourselves?

    Do we lose sight of who we are or compare ourselves to others?

    Do we compromise ourselves to please others?

    Where is the fear holding us back?

    Do we have the patience to take our time and get it right?

    Are we grounded?

    Do we have outdated programming?

    That’s a long list, but I want to get it right this time, so I’m working through it…

     I’m meditating, asking for help from my guides.

     I’m doing yoga to help release what I’m holding in the muscles, in the joints.

    I’m working with the pendulum.

    I’m calling in the Violet Flame.

    I’m breathing into tension.

    I’m spending more time in nature.

    I’m using Holy Fire Reiki and Learning Path.

    And, I’m here to help you.

    If you would like a session, drop me an email.

    If you would like some help understanding how you can do it yourself, drop me an email.

    The list is only insurmountable if we never begin.

    Take care, be well and enjoy

  • A New You

    Today is Full Moon in Aries. It sounds as though we are entering a very dynamic month, with Aries Full Moon on the first, Libra Full Moon on the thirty-first, and New Moon in Libra in the middle. It promises to be emotional and transformational.

    I have three favourite astrologers that I check in with every month. With regard to this Full Moon, Molly McCord made the statement: “Trust the Process”. I’m making that my affirmation for the month.

    Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the initial step on the journey. It’s all about you – who you are, what you like, what you love to do, where you’re going. This is the Full Moon, so it’s going to shine a lot of light on these areas.

    This is a time where we can receive insights into health issues, on finding what motivates us, into what we would love to do now, either work wise or personally. We can come to a new understanding of ourselves, see ourselves more clearly. We’re changing – this is new territory for us. We have an opportunity to see who the new us is going to be.

    It takes courage to meet this new adventure head on – to take advantage of all it has to offer. Listen to your body – the messages it give you. Pay attention. It will show you the way.

    Listening to your body:

    When you are presented with a choice, tune into how your body feels with each choice. Pull your awareness down into your gut – this is where a lot of people will feel a response. How does your gut feel?

    • Is there a feeling of happiness, a warm pleasant feeling?
    • Is there a feeling of agitation?
    • Is there a feeling of discomfort in any way?
    • Does it feel neutral, no feeling at all?

    Practice sensing in, then use these feelings to guide you.

    Now, there are people who sense in other places than the gut, so pay attention if you don’t feel anything there. Do you feel it somewhere else? In your head, your chest etc.? Do you taste something, see something or smell something? Play with it. Make it a little adventure.

    We are being given the opportunity to develop a new sense of purpose, a discovery of whom we are now and how we want to be in the world. This month we are also given the opportunity to find the balance between focus on ourselves and focus on the other. So, if your focus has had to be on your family, or on others, take a few moments, be still, and feel yourself. Get a feel for who you are when you’re not mom or dad, the chauffeur, the worker. Get acquainted with that person again, fall in love with that person again. Then, see where you go from there.

  • Am I Enough?

    Last night, at 10:42 pm., it was New Moon in fun-loving, confident, courageous, fire inspired Leo. From what I’ve read, this new Moon is gifting us with a new sense of who we are and what we are able to accomplish. We’re being given some clarity. We’re also being given some support as we move forward, although it doesn’t feel like time for action yet.

    This seems to be the time to sit with some tough questions: Do you feel enough? Do you feel worthy?

    I’ve had a really interesting journey through Leo (we’re at the end of Leo now). I’d like to share it with you. There may be a nugget in there for your own journey.

    I started out by taking a workshop on Abundance with Dr. Judith Wilcox, a truly brilliant healer from Connecticut  (you can find her easiest on Facebook). In the first half of the workshop, we discussed our fears and Judith did some work on them. I could feel stuff leaving as she worked. The second session we worked on Abundance. It was a really helpful Workshop.

    Then, last week, I connected with another healer on Linkedin and we shared sessions. Her name is Judy Onorato (another Judith/Judy), and her work is brilliant as well.  She practices Chinese Astrology and Numerology, amongst other things (she makes beautiful Flower Essences. I’m using her Oneness Essence).

    Judy told me some very helpful things, some that fit in with what I had discerned already. She suggested that I develop a reverence for who I am and what I do; that I will be turning up my light quotient ( hopefully expanding the Spiritual in my life).

    But the gift she gave me came right at the end. She said that I had had a number of past lives as a wealthy, privileged individual. By her tone and expression, I got the impression that I wasn’t the nicest of people in those lifetimes.

    Now, my journey this year has been to increase spirituality in my life and to know myself at a deeper level. My past life focus has always been on the spiritual – the healer, the monk, the nun. Definitely not the rich.

    This New Moon and the work I’ve done and assistance I’ve had has given me a few pieces to put together:

    • I need to develop more reverence for my self and my work, which feeds into confidence and knowing I am worthy
    • I have been prosperous but not spiritual at the same time
    • I am increasing spirituality in my life now.

    So, to work on these three things, I put together a mantra, or saying, that I can repeat and hopefully create new pathways in my brain. Here it is:

    • I am enough
    • I am worthy
    • I can lead a spiritual life and still have money

    For the next 8 days (8 is the number of power) I am saying this 108 times each day (108 beeing the length of a mala). I started today and already have felt a shift.

    I hope that my tale helps you understand your own journey, inspires you, brings clarity or at least gives you some new resources. The journey is an adventure, so remember to have some fun while you’re on it.

  • So, What’s Next?

    See yourself standing in front of a doorway. What do  you want to be on the other side?

    What do you see on the other side of the door?

    This Full Moon on Monday August 3rd is in Aquarius – 11 degrees of Aquarius. The number 11, to me, has always meant an opportunity, a portal, a doorway that we can walk through if we choose to do so. We have the opportunity to see that doorway and think about what we would like to find on the other side. Who do we want to be? How do we want to be? I got a chuckle this afternoon when I asked myself that question. What came out of my mouth was, “I want to be famous”. Definitely not a conscious thought, and definitely thinking outside of the box.

    These next few days are good to take some quiet time, time to be receptive, connect with spirit, to listen. When you are quiet, ask “What do I need to see? What do I need to hear? How do I need to open to the new?” Then listen, watch for the answers. Observe your life. What comes up for you in that witnessing?

    For me, this has been a year for personal growth and self discovery. I’ve learned to connect with spirit at a deeper level and discovered many places in my life where fear rules. I’ve done a lot of work on myself and am discovering more facets of the process.

    It’s been an exciting year for me, and this Full Moon in Aquarius feels like the icing on the cake. What do I want my future self to look like, to feel like? How do I want my life to present itself?

    These are all questions I’m entertaining right now. I’m doing it with a smile on my face and a playful attitude.

    Nothing is too crazy to imagine. What have I never tried before? Can I do what I want to do in some new and different way? Can I be open to new possibilities? Can I be famous?

    I have a great feeling about the energy of this Full Moon. That doesn’t mean that what it brings in is going to be a piece of cake to deal with, but it does mean that what comes is for my highest and best good and will lead to better things. Every resistance it illuminates is another opportunity to understand myself and decide how I want to change, shift, transform, and how I want to do it.

    Exciting times.

    If you want some assistance with changing, shifting, transforming, drop me a line. I’d love to help.