• Am I Enough?

    Last night, at 10:42 pm., it was New Moon in fun-loving, confident, courageous, fire inspired Leo. From what I’ve read, this new Moon is gifting us with a new sense of who we are and what we are able to accomplish. We’re being given some clarity. We’re also being given some support as we move forward, although it doesn’t feel like time for action yet.

    This seems to be the time to sit with some tough questions: Do you feel enough? Do you feel worthy?

    I’ve had a really interesting journey through Leo (we’re at the end of Leo now). I’d like to share it with you. There may be a nugget in there for your own journey.

    I started out by taking a workshop on Abundance with Dr. Judith Wilcox, a truly brilliant healer from Connecticut  (you can find her easiest on Facebook). In the first half of the workshop, we discussed our fears and Judith did some work on them. I could feel stuff leaving as she worked. The second session we worked on Abundance. It was a really helpful Workshop.

    Then, last week, I connected with another healer on Linkedin and we shared sessions. Her name is Judy Onorato (another Judith/Judy), and her work is brilliant as well.  She practices Chinese Astrology and Numerology, amongst other things (she makes beautiful Flower Essences. I’m using her Oneness Essence).

    Judy told me some very helpful things, some that fit in with what I had discerned already. She suggested that I develop a reverence for who I am and what I do; that I will be turning up my light quotient ( hopefully expanding the Spiritual in my life).

    But the gift she gave me came right at the end. She said that I had had a number of past lives as a wealthy, privileged individual. By her tone and expression, I got the impression that I wasn’t the nicest of people in those lifetimes.

    Now, my journey this year has been to increase spirituality in my life and to know myself at a deeper level. My past life focus has always been on the spiritual – the healer, the monk, the nun. Definitely not the rich.

    This New Moon and the work I’ve done and assistance I’ve had has given me a few pieces to put together:

    • I need to develop more reverence for my self and my work, which feeds into confidence and knowing I am worthy
    • I have been prosperous but not spiritual at the same time
    • I am increasing spirituality in my life now.

    So, to work on these three things, I put together a mantra, or saying, that I can repeat and hopefully create new pathways in my brain. Here it is:

    • I am enough
    • I am worthy
    • I can lead a spiritual life and still have money

    For the next 8 days (8 is the number of power) I am saying this 108 times each day (108 beeing the length of a mala). I started today and already have felt a shift.

    I hope that my tale helps you understand your own journey, inspires you, brings clarity or at least gives you some new resources. The journey is an adventure, so remember to have some fun while you’re on it.

  • So, What’s Next?

    See yourself standing in front of a doorway. What do  you want to be on the other side?

    What do you see on the other side of the door?

    This Full Moon on Monday August 3rd is in Aquarius – 11 degrees of Aquarius. The number 11, to me, has always meant an opportunity, a portal, a doorway that we can walk through if we choose to do so. We have the opportunity to see that doorway and think about what we would like to find on the other side. Who do we want to be? How do we want to be? I got a chuckle this afternoon when I asked myself that question. What came out of my mouth was, “I want to be famous”. Definitely not a conscious thought, and definitely thinking outside of the box.

    These next few days are good to take some quiet time, time to be receptive, connect with spirit, to listen. When you are quiet, ask “What do I need to see? What do I need to hear? How do I need to open to the new?” Then listen, watch for the answers. Observe your life. What comes up for you in that witnessing?

    For me, this has been a year for personal growth and self discovery. I’ve learned to connect with spirit at a deeper level and discovered many places in my life where fear rules. I’ve done a lot of work on myself and am discovering more facets of the process.

    It’s been an exciting year for me, and this Full Moon in Aquarius feels like the icing on the cake. What do I want my future self to look like, to feel like? How do I want my life to present itself?

    These are all questions I’m entertaining right now. I’m doing it with a smile on my face and a playful attitude.

    Nothing is too crazy to imagine. What have I never tried before? Can I do what I want to do in some new and different way? Can I be open to new possibilities? Can I be famous?

    I have a great feeling about the energy of this Full Moon. That doesn’t mean that what it brings in is going to be a piece of cake to deal with, but it does mean that what comes is for my highest and best good and will lead to better things. Every resistance it illuminates is another opportunity to understand myself and decide how I want to change, shift, transform, and how I want to do it.

    Exciting times.

    If you want some assistance with changing, shifting, transforming, drop me a line. I’d love to help.

  • Look What I found!

    Yesterday, Monday the 20th, was New Moon in Cancer, the second one this year. The first was the New Moon Eclipse on June 21. I always feel when there are two New Moons in the same sign, that I need to pay attention. And right on cue, I have found it intense.

    This moon is asking “Are you willing to take an honest look at your relationship with yourself, with others, and change what needs to be changed?”

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

    We are being challenged and given the space to be introspective about how we deal with the challenges in our lives and with the people in our lives. We are being given the opportunity to “see” our behavior patterns in different situations and how they benefit us. Whether we deem those patterns to be negative or positive, there is always a payoff – a benefit.

    I’ve been feeling this New Moon energy for a week now. One of my major patterns has been thrown in my face more than once – I seem to need repetition to bring in awareness, which always the first step. It’s not my first awareness of this pattern, but like I said – repetition. There were different scenarios, eliciting different behaviours on my part, but the payoff was the same.

    For me, this New Moon is about ferreting out fear, becoming aware of how I deal with it, how it controls my life, and understanding the benefits of my behavior patterns.

    So, here is my biggest pattern:

    • Be confronted with something that brings up fear (sometimes I don’t even feel the fear, but it’s there)
    • Behavior pattern – eat something that I know is going to cause a problem in my body
    • Payoff – pain and the excuse to not deal with the fear, or do whatever has raised the fear

    I have made great progress, but it still has control. I worked on it last week and will continue to seek out the crooks and crannies where I’ve buried it for the next 5 months – the rest of Eclipse season. I’m peeling off the layers. Some of it isn’t even mine. It’s the fear behind the pattern I’m working on, and there seems to be lifetimes of it.

    So, how am I working through this?

    • First is awareness – of the pattern, of what triggered the pattern and the payoff.
    • Second, I work on healing and letting go of the fear. As a formal session, I use Learning Path Integrated Technique, Holy Fire® Reiki and Pendulum. Informally, I remove certain foods from my diet, or try to. When I feel the fear in any form – overwhelm, anxiety, panic, anger (its base is fear), I recognize it, acknowledge it, often out loud. “I know you, I recognize you. I don’t need you anymore. Thank you for all you have done for me (it has been protecting me, you know, from whatever it perceives as dangerous) but I need to face this.  Goodbye.” Or words to that effect. Then I might do some yoga, some breathing exercises, or a short meditation. I would ground myself, because fear will un-ground me.
    • Then, I look at the trigger. What situation had me going into fear? How can I deal with that situation differently, in a way that I can handle now. I take the first step. One step at a time, without looking further than that, is not so scary.
    • Lastly, I acknowledge and celebrate the changes, however small. The payoff moves from being safe, to moving forward.

    That is my process in a nutshell. If you are going to accept the challenge this New Moon, have some fun with it. Find opportunities to laugh about your patterns. It’s serious, but you can still laugh about it. “Look what I found. I’ve been giving this power all these years. Isn’t that hilarious? Let’s have some fun changing it!”

  • The last in the Series

    Today is Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn here in Canada. The Eclipse will be visible here at 11:13 pm. I’ll be watching it, as will most of my crystals.

    This is the last Eclipse of this series. The first one on June 5th asked us to let go of what no longer served us. The second, on June 20-21 asked us to go within and nurture ourselves, to be open to this new energy that is getting ready to be birthed. It was an opportunity to open our hearts so we could receive what we needed to receive.

    This Eclipse tonight (or tomorrow, depending on where you are) supports us to close something out that is finished, something to do with what we work at, how we work, what kind of foundation we have built for ourselves financially, career-wise. All of those Capricorn things are what the Full Moon is illuminating, but, the Eclipse interrupts the illumination, so is there something we still need to look at, something to consider or intuit. Do we need to integrate some of the Cancer energy of taking a pause, listening to our gut, meditating on it.

    Of course, there are many other planets involved, with trines and squares etc., not all of which I understand. However, I do understand that Saturn is back in Capricorn, as are Pluto and Jupiter, all retrograde, which means we are getting another look at what we did to get where we are.

    Saturn is about structure and commitment. Pluto is about transformation and Jupiter is about expansion and growth.

    To me, that means structures are being destroyed or dismantled so that we can make a commitment to honour a new way of being, a new sense of purpose and new mission, which will allow us to grow, learn and expand. I’ve had a lot of aha moments lately and am looking forward to more. Exciting times.

    As always, I am open for private sessions. I am working virtually right now, so that would include distance Reiki, Learning Path Integrated Technique, Chakra Clearings and Akashic Readings. You can book by responding to this email.

    Just a reminder that Reiki Circle is this coming Wednesday at 6:30pm. We are online at https://zoom.us/j/9191874758. If you have at least first level Reiki we would love to have you join us.

  • Becoming the Butterfly

    Today is Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. A very special day, as Eclipses always are. Sagittarius is an expansive energy that is asking us to grow and expand in the truth of who we are. The Lunar Eclipse seals it with a kiss.

    Eclipses bring change, and this one is no exception. This one is the first in a series of three – the next being June 20/21 and the third being the first week of July. That’s a lot of energy in a short period of time. This Eclipse today opens the door to the possibilities of what’s to come.

    As always, the first step is to acknowledge who and where we are now – with truth and without the covering of who we think we ought to be. In that process, we get a good look at what is not working, and what no longer fits. It’s time to shed the skin that isn’t us anymore.

    We’re being asked to take a dramatic step here – to be really honest with ourselves about the belief systems, attitudes and pathways/directions that aren’t working – and to let them go.

    When we do that, we need to trust that there is something bigger and better awaiting us and that we will be supported during that in between time.

    A few years ago I downloaded my astrology chart from a free site online, so I am able to see which area of my chart is being affected by the Eclipse. It falls in my 6th house of daily routines, work, physical health and service. Good to know that this is where I need to work.

    Last night I did a meditation. Near the end I asked “Is there anything I need to know in order to move forward?” The response was quite surprising. I was told  “Inflammation is an attitude”. That really threw me.

    I have inflammation, so when I finished the meditation, I immediately started to figure out how to work with that.

    My first thought was to use Learning Path, so I would be working with “the first root cause of releasing the attitude that contains inflammation”. Then I played with the wording.

    My second thought was to use the Pendulum. I would say “Diane having an attitude that contains inflammation? Yes? Please release it”, and let the pendulum work.

    My third thought was to create an affirmation: “I am releasing all attitudes that contain inflammation with ease and joy.”

    This is what I am doing this weekend, working on these three thoughts. The beauty is that I don’t need to know what the attitude is, only that it exists.

    The effects of an Eclipse last for six months, so we have some time to work on this. We know it doesn’t all have to happen today, and we know that it’s good to make a start and get the energy moving.

    As always, if you need help with this, or anything else, I’m here.

  • A Slightly Different Perspective

    I haven’t been in touch over this last week or two because it’s just been strange. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I’ve had trouble waking up and as soon as there was nothing else that needed to be done, I’ve been back in bed. I know there is nothing wrong with me, except it’s allergy season, so I finally said enough is enough. Figure it out and get over it! So, I did.

     I understand that because I’m sensitive, I’ve been feeling everyone else’s fear and depression, so I sent some healing to that and cleared it out. I did some LPIT on myself to release the heaviness in my chest. This morning I woke up early and started writing. What a great feeling to be back. 

    Since the beginning of this virus event, I’ve had a slightly different perspective. Here it is.

    There are changes coming. We’re walking through a doorway into a new adventure, and there’s a lot to clear out before that can happen. There are a lot of people who don’t want to walk through that door. They’ve had their adventure and it’s time to go home. It’s their exit time. Problem is, there has to be a way for them to exit. Hence, a virus.

    Over the last few years we’ve been told to work on our “stuff”, to clear it out, to transmute it and transform ourselves. Some of us did. We were told this winter to take time for ourselves, time to be quiet, to reflect, to meditate, to return to the natural rhythm. Some of us did. 

    Now, we all will because we have no choice. We’re being told to stay home, to take that quiet time, to reflect. And so I invite you to do just that.

    Instead of panicking and going into fear about catching the virus, about having money to get through, I invite you to trust you’ll be taken care of, do some yoga, meditate (there are some great ones on youtube if you want guided), get to know your partner again, if you have one. Have a candlelight dinner, watch a movie together.

    If you have children, get down on the floor and colour with them, help them write their own bedtime stories. Discover your own creativity. Make this your time.

     You can also call a friend just to talk (remember the telephone?). Check in on someone who is alone. We are being separated, but we are not alone. We can only be separated physically. 

    If you are in need, I can send out a request to the Healing Network for you.

     If you need 15 minutes of free Reiki or LPIT, let me know. I can make myself available. 

    My good friend Julei sent me this Facebook site of people helping people through this. If you need groceries delivered or just need to connect with others, this looks like the place to be. 

    We’ll make it through this. I have absolute faith, and hopefully we’ll be better for it – stronger, clearer, more connected. If you need me, I’m here, just a phone call or a zoom call away.

    Take care,
    416.320.8524 diane@circleofonehealing.com

  • From Dreams to the Practical

    This morning, my partner said to me, “We’re at the turning point”. Now, he was talking about the weather, feeling spring in the air, but, wow, that statement gave me shivers. Do you feel it?

    I feel we’re coming up to a huge turning point, on the cusp of something really big, and this Full Moon in Virgo (Monday the 9th of March) plays a big part in it. It’s a Super Full Moon and is the last full moon before we begin the journey again.

    Virgo is an earth sign. It’s about being grounded, about looking at our daily routines and taking practical steps. With all that said, we are still in the sign of Pisces, which invites us to dream and reflect. Can we move those dreams into reality?

    Everything I’ve read about this full moon excites me. It’s about figuring out who we are at the core and trusting that, accepting that. Once we’ve done that, we can take those practical steps forward.

    One of the ways I did that was to look at my core values. You can find lists of values on the internet. I marked off the values that rang true for me – without thinking about it, keeping the ego at bay.

    Then, I placed those qualities into groups of similarity and pulled one word from each group that reflected the whole. My strongest value was growth, then came community, self-care and adventurousness. Each of these values had lists of why each was important to me.

    This exercise helped me to understand myself at a deeper level. That, in turn, has given me a strong base for my Possibilities Book, which is bringing me joy and surprises. I find myself using phrases like “What if…?” and “How would it feel if…?”  

    In some ways it’s such a freeing exercise, in others, it brings up the fears to be faced and the resistance to be moved through. But what it seems to be bringing most is clarity. I wish that for each and every one of you.

    I have a full day booked tomorrow – full moon – , but I’ll be carving out some quiet time to connect, with myself and with Source, and to help me be ready. I hope you manage to as well.

  • The Possibilities Book

    When I was doing my research around the New Moon in Pisces and its effects, I read somewhere that until April we need to be in daydreaming mode. That makes sense, as the Spring Equinox is March 20-21. That’s the time we get serious about the seeds we are going to plant.

    So, until then, we need to be dreaming of, imagining all the possibilities, no matter how outrageous they seem, for the coming year. This is our prep work. For some unknown reason, it feels even more important this year. This year, we need to feel limitless and a little bit outrageous.

    When I was talking to a couple of friends a few days ago, I mentioned a favourite movie of mine – The Holiday – starring Queen Latifa, and how the main character had a Possibilities Book of  all of her dreams. We decided a Possibilities Book was a great idea. So, we are taking the next 3 to 4 weeks to compile our own books, being careful not to put limitations on our dreams.

    I have the front cover of mine, and ideas of what to put in there. Some things are very practical, like “the possibility of having sustained energy and focus”. Others are a little more “out there” like having a cottage in Ireland, a castle in Wales and part ownership in a safari retreat in Africa. No limits.

    If you’d like to join us in this fun and semi soul searching endeavour, let me know. Perhaps we can get together and share our dreams at the end, even if it has to be online. Let me know. I’d love to share dreams with you.

  • Last Stop Before…

    We’ve finally reached the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. This journey each year is like a trip around one level of a spiral. Hopefully, we’ve advanced some over the year and are able to move up a level on the circuit and bring in new levels of awareness and understanding on all levels. Otherwise, it’s just same old same old.

    Pisces is a water sign, and as such, invites us to dream, to use our imaginations. It invites us to quiet times of reflection and inner work. It invites us to connect with spirit and to accept it’s guidance in our lives. It asks us to let go and trust.

    That seems to be a lot to ask of us – right? We’re busy trying to make a living, raising our families, tending our relationships. We’re tired by the time we get home, and just want to veg out.

    However, as I said, this is the last zodiac sign of the year, our last chance to identify the seeds we want to plant for the next cycle. We can do that consciously, and plant the seeds we truly want planted, or we can leave it up to the unconscious and see what we get.

     Personally, I’d like to choose seeds to be consciously planted, so I’m taking some time this New Moon to reflect, to get in touch with some old dreams and feel if they are still viable, if they still fit, or if I need brand new ones.

    I’m going to connect with spirit to make sure I’m on the right path. I’m going to ruminate on the new understandings and awareness I have about myself and how I am in this world. In fact, I’ve already begun. The energy of this week has been powerful and has begun the journey for me.

    This Sunday is the day of the New Moon, a day when you might find some quiet time to go within. Invite your guides and angels and those you work with to join you and help bring forward what you need to be aware of in order to shift whatever needs to shift, to see whatever needs to be seen.

    I’ll be spending time in front of my alter, listening, inviting guidance. I’ll be daydreaming about who and what I could be, want to be in this next phase of my life. And, I’ll be asking for help in letting go of what no longer serves me and is holding me back. Happy dreaming to you, and if you’d like help with the letting go part, just hit reply and say “he

  • Standing in line at the Supermarket

    I was at the grocery store the other day – on a schedule of course – and of course there was a line up at the cashier. When it was finally my turn to pay, I handed my money to the cashier and took my change never looking up. I was focused on getting out of the store and on to the next ‘very important thing.’

    With a startle, I realized the cashier was waiting for me, almost pulling me, to raise my head and look at her. When I did, she looked me directly in the eyes and smiled.

    That very short interaction changed my entire day. She paid attention to me. It was a small thing, looking at me and smiling, but it was huge. I relaxed, stopped rushing and my whole day shifted.

    That short encounter brought an awareness and a vow to be more conscious in my interactions.

    Paying attention to someone is one of the greatest gifts we can give to them. When we do that, we focus all our senses on that person. We look, we actively listen, we are aware of the other on all levels. We do this easily with a new born child; and we do it easily with a romantic partner, especially in the beginning, before life takes over.

    When we pay attention to someone, we are telling them they matter, they are worthy of our attention. We remind them of the importance of human relations, even if the contact is as short as the line in the grocery store. We feel better when someone pays attention to us. It lifts our spirits, maybe it inspires us to pay attention to someone else.

    Valentine’s Day, in fact this whole month, is focused on relationships. It gives us the opportunity to look at how we ‘are’ with others. It gives a day to practice how we could be all the time. So enjoy the day. Be aware of how you feel when someone pays attention to you, and share the feeling. Pass it on. Tag, you’re it!