• Today, Sunday the 27th, is New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon is personal – it’s about you.

    New Moon is when the moon regenerates. It pulls in energy from the sun, and right now it is pulling in Scorpio energy.

    What does this mean for us? It means we are being supported by the Universe to take more control of our lives. The New Moon is at 4 degrees Scorpio. The number 4 is about structure – routine, work, physical health.

    How do we take more control of our lives in these areas? By becoming aware of how we feel. How does our work feel? Do we love our job? What part of our daily routine gives us joy, which do not? Are there parts of our physical health that could use some help?

    Scorpio gives us support to look at these things – really look at them. This sign is not a surface skimmer – it wants to go deep.

    Someone asks “How are you?” and you say “Fine, thanks.” But are you fine or are you glossing over things? And the person asking the question, did they really want to know? Actually, these are not Scorpio questions. Scorpio would want to know what is the most interesting thing about you? What makes you tick? (although they probably figured that out for themselves).

    We need to get past the niceties and really do some personal investigation, especially in this New Moon energy. This is an excellent time to look at feelings we’ve been holding on to. We’re working with feelings right now as Scorpio is a water sign.  Any intent we have around understanding and letting go will be supported.

    For me, this has been a bit of a rough few months, although not as intense as others I’ve spoken to. Still, it was uncomfortable enough. A couple of weeks ago, I started taking back control. I was already feeling Scorpio. I decided not to be a victim of my food choices and the feelings I am holding onto. I changed my diet, letting go of some of my favourite foods because they weren’t working for me. For the last week I’ve been doing Learning Path on myself every day, because I know that my difficulties with foods stems from an emotional base. If I release the emotions, the food difficulties should clear up. At least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    Take some quiet time to become aware of what change would make your life more joyful. What feelings do you need to release? What routine changes can you make that will benefit you, and how can your health be better?

    Once you have that awareness, create your intent for the New Moon. My intent would look something like this:

    • I am asking for support and the tenacity to release those foods from my diet that cause discomfort in my body
    •  Am asking for the courage to look clearly and honestly at my feelings and to heal and release those feelings that are non-beneficial and holding me back from being whole

    I’m doing some intense personal work through this intense sign. I’m appreciative of the support that Scorpio is giving me. If you would like to work with me in doing this intense but all important work, book a session by replying to this email.

  • Earthing It Up

    Today, August 30, is New Moon in Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, as in, it’s time to come back to earth after a fun, fabulous summer. It helps us to become more grounded, more practical, taking care of business. It helps us to become more detail oriented, more aware of what needs to change, and more aware of the Earth. There are eight planets in earth signs, so that might give you an idea of the strength of this New Moon. Virgo also embodies being of service to others.

    A lot of people I’ve spoken to lately are saying they felt as though they were in limbo, that space between, and they were anxious about being there.  I say “What a wonderful place to be. This is a place of possibilities; this is where the magic happens.”

    Every once in a while the Universe gives us the opportunity to rest, heal, take stock of ourselves and get ready, clear and open to receive the new. August has been perfect timing for this. For many of us, September is conditioned to be the start of a new year, and we need that time. So if you are, or have been experiencing this, relax with it, go with it. Things are gearing up.

    This New Moon seems to be what we have been waiting for. The flood gates open, and new awareness, new opportunities and new ways of thinking roll in. Keep your eyes and ears open so you don’t miss anything.

    This year, Virgo is bringing in a time of change, of transition. We have the opportunity to heal, using gifts from the earth , such as crystals and herbs. We have the opportunity to bring in love and abundance and have some aha moments.

    I discovered a new way of journaling a few months ago. It’s been very helpful to me, so I’m passing it on to you. It involves asking questions beginning with “how”, then letting the ideas flow. This technique has helped me to make decisions, it has helped me to see the path ahead and has helped me to focus on how to move forward. I hope it helps you.

    So, here are some sample questions:

    • How can I improve myself and my life?
    • How can I serve more people in a more discerning way?
    • How can I make better choices for myself and my family?
    • How do I bring more creativity into my life?
    • How do I create more joy in my life?

    Take this opportunity to create your own questions, then start writing and see what comes out. You may find a gem.

  • Ready for Another Eclipse?

    I’ve  learned so much about the meaning of moon phases and eclipses lately. I’ve been listening to Jocelyn Mercado – some of her talks and activities around the moon, and listening to Anastasia on You Tube around the Eclipses. Take a look at these two ladies if you’re interested in these topics. They have some great information to share.

    Anastasia is an astrologer and she describes the Full Moon as “Natures Spotlight”. I love that term. I was out looking at the moon Sunday evening and that is just what it felt like. It brings to light what isn’t working, what needs to shift or be let go – or, what is working and what we need to more of or tweak just a bit.

    When you add eclipse energy to this – kapow! We know that eclipses mean change – whether we are conscious enough to make the change for ourselves, or the Universe makes it for us. The effect of an eclipse lasts six months, so we have six months to work through what needs to change, find the highest and best way to make the change, then make the change . In six months, we are into the next eclipse season – more changes, so we need to be ready.

    This Tuesday is Full moon in Capricorn and with it a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Capricorn is an earth sign, grounded into the physical and the opposite sign to Cancer. This Full Moon is shining light on those areas ruled by Capricorn – career and financial freedom.  It allows us to see what we are holding onto that we have outgrown. Where the Solar Eclipse deals with more of the physical aspect, the Lunar Eclipse deals with the emotional aspects of what is going on. So, what emotions are we holding onto? Are there fears, frustrations, denial blocking us from moving on?

    I’ve had lots of experience with this – letting go. I seem to be doing this all the time….(sigh). My favourite way of dealing with a feeling that comes up for me (the ones that are holding me back) is to first acknowledge it, then to thank it and tell it I don’t need it any more. Sometimes it takes a month for this process to work, sometimes it happens much faster.

    So, an illustration:

     I found that I would get weepy and finally realized through being aware of the situations in which it happened, that I was feeling sorry for myself. This response kept me in a position of giving away my power. Once I had this awareness, I would catch myself going into this response. Sometimes it would take 10 minutes, sometimes less. Once I recognized what was happening, I would say:” Oh, I recognize you. Thank you, but I don’t need you anymore.” I did this until I could catch the response before it got started, then. it just didn’t happen anymore.

    This Eclipse is a great time to take a look at our careers and financial situations. Some considerations:

    • Are we happy doing what we are doing? Do we feel fulfilled in our work?
    • Are we making the money we want to make?
    • Are we honouring who we are, being true to who we are?
    • Is there a dream we are not following?
    • If we are working at our dream job, is there something that we could change to make things work even better? Is there a way that we can be even more true to ourselves and honour who we are?

    Once we find what needs to shift, what do we do about it? It’s fine to realize that our job is not fulfilling, but how do we change it? I have found that little word “how” opens us to possibilities.

    I have a journal devoted to the word “how” .  I write down what I want to happen as a question. As an example:” How do I feel fulfilled in my work? I’m not able to change jobs right now, so how do I feel more fulfilled where I am?” Then I listen. I watch for signs. I write and see what appears on the page.  I allow all possibilities, even the outrageous ones, as they may hold a clue. When I get a step in the process ,I  ask “How do I do that? How do I make that happen.”

    The word “how” is like a portal, or a rabbit hole. It can take us many places. We may need to expand and grow, we may need to shrink by letting go. It will be an interesting journey, once we take that first step. Enjoy the journey. See it as the adventure that it is.

    Of course, once we have the “how” we need to take the step, do something physical to make it happen. If we want to continue to have the support of the Universe, we need to show that we are serious about moving forward.

    Enjoy this Eclipse energy. I have heard a couple of times that the effect of what we do on the day of an Eclipse is magnified many times over, so take some time to meditate, do some healing work, laugh and be joyful.

  • Are You Changing Lead into Gold?

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

    So, if you haven’t been doing “the work” on yourself, turning the lead into gold, doing the deep inner work that reveals you in all your glory and transforms the not so glorious, this would be a good time to start.

    This New Moon in Cancer is also a Solar Eclipse, visible in South America. Eclipses mean change, as in “here’s an opportunity to”. Solar Eclipses bring forward those things we’ve buried, so we can see them. If we’ve been working on ourselves, it may come up as a healing or an opportunity to heal. If you haven’t, it may feel like a crisis or be uncomfortable. It’s up to us and our perspective. That’s one of the things working on ourselves does. It helps us change our perspective.

    We’ve been feeling the effects of this Eclipse for quite a while now, so you may already have discovered what you’ve swept under the carpet. I certainly have.

    I tend to push myself further than the body is capable of; it just doesn’t keep up with the rest of me. We’re coming to an agreement, my body and I. Part of that agreement is that I take 2 entire days a week off – no routine – no “I have to”. I may have to change my perspective around things like dishes and laundry from have to – to want to, since they need to be done. It’s more healing to do them with joy than to do them with resentment or resignation.

    This New Moon is in Cancer, a feminine sign, a water sign. This is a very subjective sign – our emotions, our home, our family. It’s a sign that invites us to go inward to look at what we’re holding on to. It helps us to look at what’s important to us and to follow our hearts. It’s also a time to acknowledge and allow for our own needs.

    Cancer also hosts the beginning of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter in the Southern Hemisphere. More change. Are you seeing a theme here?

    In the middle of all this change energy, Mercury is going retrograde on the 7th of July. We are already in the shadow period. This reinforces the invitation to go within, to be retrospective, to understand our needs and how to meet them in relation to everything else in our lives. It is not the time to start something new. That would be going against the flow – not fun.

    So, let’s take the time to sit, and feel, and allow whatever needs to surface to do so. When it does, just say “hello, welcome”.  Acknowledging it is a good first step. Then, you can do some feeling into what to do about it

    Allow the process, in fact, enjoy it. When you come out the other side you’ll feel clearer and lighter – meaning you will be able to hold more light.

    My intent:

    • To take time to reflect on what is taking up space that is not needed.
    • To allow the process of acknowledging and letting go.
    • To take 2 full days a week off
    • To remember to breathe

    Take a look at what you’ve created in your life. See the more unpleasant situations as an opportunity to grow and heal. Change your perspective. It can change everything.

  • Are You Looking for More?

    Monday June 17 is Full Moon in Sagittarius and we are in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This is always a special time of year for me as my rising sign is Gemini and my sun sign is Sagittarius. This year, however, I am anticipating such special things. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It has an expansive energy, so be prepared for everything to feel bigger, more intense, more joyful, more everything.

    Sagittarius is about finding the truth, those deep inner truths. It’s about finding faith in ourselves and in something greater than us (in our earthy form). Sag is about expanding learning, wisdom, imagination, inspiration. It’s about freedom, having no limitations. The sky isn’t even a limit for Sag. This Full Moon is apparently sitting right beside the Galactic Centre, which means even more expansion and fewer limits. So go get it….

    I feel as though this Full Moon is a gateway into something creative and wonderful if we let it be. We are heading into eclipse season in July, a total solar eclipse on July 2nd New Moon and a partial lunar eclipse on the Full Moon of July 16. To me, eclipses mean change, and this year it will be for the better. That is my intent.

    This morning was one of the few mornings when I did not have to get up at a specific time, so I lazed in bed half awake. You know that time when dreams, visions, whatever you want to call them, come forward. Well, this morning I was taken into a very interesting vision. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. It embodies how I feel about this Full Moon.

    The Story:

    It started in a very traditional way with a young man, his wife, young son and baby who are in need of money. There is a haunted house on the hill, and someone bets them a thousand dollars that they cannot spend the night there. They accept the bet. Even though they are terrified, they need the money.

    The house is very strange. It has wings going off in all directions, and it seems to be moving. The young family finds a door into the house after much searching, but as soon as they enter, the door disappears. They are left in the house, frightened and huddled together, with no way out. They are stuck in a house that seems to be alive.

    Eventually, the man decides to look around for a way out of the house. He goes down corridors, up stairs and back down again, then he falls through a hole in the floor. He lands in a basement area. Terrified, he notices a set of stairs leading to a door. The door is locked. He beats the door in desperation, trying to get it to open. Finally, he says to himself, “I have to get out of here, I have to get out of this house.” Suddenly, the staircase moves. It swing around to a door that had not been there before. The man opens it and finds himself outside, just as he had asked.

    Then, he panics. His wife and children are still inside. He says, “I have to get my wife and children out of the house. How can I get them out?” The wall of the house open and out pop his family, dropping gently into his arms.

    He holds them tight and they begin to run away from the house. They run down a path, thinking it will take them to the gate, but it does not. When they keep going, a monster appears and frightens them so they will turn around and take the correct path to the gate.

    When they reach the gate, they stop and look back. Somehow, the house does not look as frightening as it had. The man looks at his wife and says,” We really need the money. I’m going back to spend the night. You and the children stay here and wait for me.”

    He approaches the house again, but this time with a different attitude. He feels calmer, has let go of the fear around the house that wasn’t even his, and looks at it as just a house. He stands by the house and tells his story. He tells the house about the bet and that he needed the money, and he would appreciate being able to spend a calm, peaceful, maybe even joyous, night in the house. Would the house allow this?

    Immediately, a door opens. There are lights on, a fire in the fireplace. It feels really welcoming. The man sits and thinks about his life and all the things he used to enjoy doing. He loved music and used to love playing the piano. Suddenly, there is a piano, and the man sits down to play.

    Outside, the wife watched her husband enter the house. She said a little prayer that he might be safe on his journey, then looked at her children. “We need to find someplace safe and warm” she said to no one in particular. There was a shift in the air, and behind her, when she turned there stood a beautiful little cabin with a fire in the fireplace and welcoming lights. They entered, and she put her sleepy little boy to bed. She changed the baby and looked around for a place to lay her down to sleep. There was immediately a crib with a beautiful baby blanket. Finally she lay down to sleep. As she did, she could hear her husband playing the piano and smiled, knowing that he was happy.

    In the morning, the couple reunited. When they looked at the house, it had morphed into exactly what they dreamed of in a house, so they decided to stay, and lived happily ever after.

    That is my little morning vision. I hope you enjoyed it. Have an expansive, creative, joyous, courageous Full Moon in Sagittarius, and remember to ground, as I don’t find either Gemini or Sag particularly well grounded.

  • To Change or Not to Change

    What a gift this Full Moon is. It is creating huge opportunity for us to transform and raise our vibration. Will we choose that?

    This Full moon on Saturday the 18th is in Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign. It likes to control, and its territory is the emotional realm.

    Because this Full Moon falls in its’ opposite sign of Taurus, we are being asked to find balance. Taurus says “Don’t rock the boat – I’m happy just as I am. I don’t like change.” Scorpio, on the other hand, says “let’s delve deep and find what needs to be released. Let’s transform/change it.” They’re at opposite ends of the scale.


    At Full moon, the moon is fully illuminated by the sun and the energy/light/vibration of the sign it is in. So, this time we are being showered with the energy to transform.

    All of the behaviours, attitudes and belief systems that need to be shifted will be illuminated so we can see them more clearly. The impetus, or at least the support, to transform them will be front and centre.

    I started feeling this Full Moon about a week ago. Just as I was falling asleep, I would see flashes of past events and realize that have I another layer to release. I find myself falling asleep doing Learning Path to transform these residual emotions into love.

    Every time we transmute a non-beneficial or unhealthy behavior or belief, we raise our vibration, we make space for more light. We make space for something new.

    What To Do

    So, when something uncomfortable comes forward to be healed,

    • Welcome it.
    • Recognize it,
    • Thank it for its contribution to who you have become,
    • Then let it go.

    One of the ways I do this is to simply say “I give you to God to be healed. Thank you.” If “God” isn’t part of your belief system, try a technique called “Blowing Roses”.

    Blowing Roses:

    The rose is a symbol of the feminine and of love – a very transformative energy.

    Imagine a rose in front of you (I see it just off to the right of me) Open it to its fullest, then place whatever needs to be transformed into the centre of the rose. Close the rose around it, then blow it up and away from you to be transformed.

    This has the possibility of being a very intense Full Moon, so maintain the ability to laugh – at life- at yourself. A sense of humour can help us to keep our balance no matter what comes.

  • What Change Would You Make?

    New Moon is a time when the moon recharges, re-energizes. It’s a time when we are supported to do the same by spending time in contemplation, meditation and writing in a journal. 

    This Saturday, May 4th, is New moon in Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, and the sign of the bull, strong indications of what this sign is all about. This is the second lunar month in our new journey through the zodiac, and it is once again focused on the self – this time, the physical self and environs.

    Taurus, and its opposite sign Scorpio, are about control. Taurus is interested in physical control, control of the body and the environment. It’s a sensual sign that likes the better things in life. New Moon is an excellent time to dream of all the “what if’s” and “if I only could’s”.

    This New Moon is a time to dream of all the physical changes you would like to make. Where would you live if you had your druthers? What would you be doing as a career? How much money do you need to be happy and comfortable? How do you want to feel and how do you want to look? This New Moon is a time to take charge of our lives and our bodies, and make the changes necessary to be where, who and what we want to be.

    I developed the urge to do that a few months ago. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I did a thirty day challenge with the goal of becoming stronger and more flexible. I’m into my third or fourth month now – it’s become a routine of doing 1 hour of Reiki on myself, then Yoga and some Learning Path Integrated Technique. I’ve just added doing 15 – 20 minutes on my rebounder. I feel more energized, stronger, more flexible and happier as a result. As they say: “Come on in, the water is fine.”

    How would you change your life to reflect more of what you want it to be? Let yourself dream, and dream big. But don’t stop there. Imagine yourself taking the steps necessary to get where you would like to be, to make your dream come true. Imagine what each step would be – then actually take those steps in the physical. The Universe will step up to help you once it knows you are serious.

  • Here’s to Building Bridges

    Full moon is a time of illumination and of finding clarity. If we allow it, the light of the moon will filter through the debris and allow us to see the truth as it stands in the moment.

     At Full Moon, I usually have difficulty sleeping. I may be falling asleep in my chair, but as soon as I go to bed my eyes are wide open. I usually end up journaling or just watching my thoughts, looking for a gem. Only getting 3 to 4 hours sleep doesn’t seem to affect me the next day (unless I tell myself that it does). I affectionately refer to this as “getting mooned”.

     I’ve already received some clarity around some things this Full Moon. Is anyone else being effected, or receiving insight?

     This Full Moon on the 19th is in Libra. It’s the second Full Moon in Libra in a row, which might give you an indication of how powerfully we are being asked to learn the lessons involved. We’re in the Zodiac sign of Aries, and the New Moon was in Aries. That New Moon is being sandwiched by two Full Moons in Libra.

    Aries and Libra are opposite signs of the Zodiac and have rather opposing meanings. As we saw earlier this month, Aries is about all about the self, independence, taking action on your own, initiating and being strong, It’s the “I can do it by myself” sign.

    Libra, on the other hand, focuses on the other. It is a more social sign, more about working together, relationships, networking, building bridges between people and communities.

     When I look at how this lays out, Libra -Aries-Libra, it makes me think that we need to find a way to be strong in ourselves, paying attention to how we are affected by whatever is happening, while we strive to understand what is happening with the other person/people.

    It’s a call to comprehend, negotiate and build those bridges while not compromising who we are at the core. It’s about finding balance and equality, without compromising either party. This is so important in relationships, and we can see how it is needed at a global level. 

    So, how do we find this balance? We need to want to find balance, without agenda. Highest and best good for all concerned. We need to be in a place of calm if possible, as emotions such as anger frustration etc. can pull us off of our path. 

    Second, we need to listen. Actively listen. Pay attention. Really hear the other person, so we can understand their point of view. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two people or two countries, it’s important.

    We can share our point of view, then we can negotiate from a common understanding, we can build a bridge that hopefully will last, a bridge that is balanced between the self and the other.

  • Do You Know Where Your Warrior Is?

    Well, here we are again back at the beginning of the Fool’s Journey (from the Tarot). Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and represents new beginnings and a new journey of discovery of the self. We learned a lot about ourselves over the last lunar year and we’ll hopefully learn even more this year. Are you ready? Put your best foot forward and let’s go.

    Aries is all about you. Not in a selfish or narcissistic way, but in a self-discovery way. It’s about taking the lead in your own life, not being the best friend. It’s about being honest with yourself, finding your authentic self and being true to it. It’s about knowing who you are in the moment and being that person with courage and strength.

    There is a boldness about Aries that I don’t see anywhere else. It’s that warrior spirit that brings shoots of Tulips and other spring flowers pushing through the earth to bring new life.

    And this is what we are being guided to do – bring new life to our existence. The long hibernation is over  and it’s time to get creative.

    One of things I love to do in Aries is to look back over the last years’ journey to see how I’ve grown. This helps to give me my new starting point, my foundation for the new journey. I can see where I need to bring in strength and courage, in which areas the creative juices need to flow more and where my vision needs to expand.

    Then, I’m ready to take action. I have a firm platform from which to take the next step. I can look at what I want to create, what I need to create it, and go for it.

    So, how will you direct your warrior spirit this journey? What joyous secrets will you discover as you begin this wondrous journey into yourself? Will you find courage and strength you didn’t know you had? Will you awaken the creative genius within? Will you risk your comfort zone and push to new levels? I hope we both shall, you and me. So, keep me posted. I’d love to hear how it goes.

  • Is Your Imagination Working?

    Pisces is a water sign and so we are asked to go within. With this water sign we are invited to connect to our imaginations, our intuition, our dreams. We are asked to take quiet time with our spiritual source. In order to do that, we need to stop, we need to relax and breathe. We need to make time, even ten minutes, to receive whatever we need to receive.

    This Wednesday, March 6, is the last New Moon in this zodiac cycle. The next new Moon is in Aries, where we start to put new plans in motion, so New Moon is our last chance to create the fantasy that can become our reality.

    Wednesdays’ New Moon seems to be getting assistance from other planets in this regard, so take advantage of the support you’ll be getting. I’ll be taking a moment at 11:05 to focus on my intent for this next cycle.

    Trust and surrender are big words in the Piscean vocabulary. We can set intent until the cows come home, but if we resist, or don’t trust that we will receive what we need, we give the Universe mixed messages. It will think, “She wants this but she doesn’t want this! I’m confused. What do I do?”

    We need the Universe to have no questions about what we want, about what our intent is. Ambiguous feelings, fears etc. cloud our intent and allow the Universe to feel “She’s not really ready for this”. I know I have done this. I’ve really wanted something, but there has been underlying fear because my life would change if I got it. I gave inconsistent messages, so I didn’t get what I wanted.

     So, say there is anxiety around your intent. You want it but there is some fear around getting it. What can you do?

    • Be sure it’s what you really want
    • Imagine what you want really happening, fear and all
    • Imagine pulling the fear out of your body and giving it to Source to be healed
    • Imagine accepting your gift and moving forward with it with love and courage

    So, join me at 11:05 this morning to set intent.

    For those of you who are interested in mercury retrogrades, it started yesterday and goes until the 28th of the month. I’m already affected. My computer is acting up so I’m writing this on an old computer that I kept “just in case”. Even the Ipad refused to work. Oh, well. This plays into the Piscean message as for the first half of a Mercury Retrograde we are supposed to be reflective. But I have to tell you, Universe, I can reflect quite well and still have a computer that works.