Balancing Your Inner Twins

What’s Coming:

I’ve been doing some reading about what is coming up energetically over the summer. It’s going to be interesting. Between July and August, seven out of eight planets will go retrograde. Only Venus stays direct. So, what does that mean for us? It could mean a couple of things. It could be intense. We might feel like pulling in, being reflective. We may need to sleep more. We might be edgy, out of sorts. However it affects you, go with the flow as much as you are able. Retrogrades give us an opportunity to step back, to re-view, to re-think.

In July there are also two eclipses, lunar and solar at the full moon and new moon, and eclipses bring change. Take the opportunity for reflection that retrogrades provide and be ready for the change.

This Wednesday, June 13, is the New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is the sign leading up to summer, as it ends at the Summer Solstice, June 21st. Gemini is an air sign (mental body) ruled by Mercury. Gemini is the sign of the twins, a sign of opposites. Here’s the story.

The Story:

The story goes that there were two brothers, twins, called Castor and Pollux. Castor was the mortal twin and Pollux was immortal. They loved each other a great deal. There was a family feud, involving a woman, of course, and Castor was fatally wounded. Zeus, the father figure, gave Pollux, the survivor, a choice. He could spend all of his days as immortal, playing with the gods on Mount Olympus, or he could give half of his immortality to his dead twin. He opted to share, and so the twins together spent one day as immortal at Olympus, and one day as mortal in Hades, the Underworld.


Hopefully, the story gives you a perspective on Gemini. People born under this sign are generally very social, loving to meet new people. They are energetic, movers, quick witted and curious. They may seem to always be on the go. They are never boring, flitting from here to there trying to experience everything life has to offer. They are communicators, through speech, through writing and through art.

However, there is the other side to Gemini, the side that needs time alone to regroup, recharge. The side that allows time needed for these things to take place. In my view, herein lies the lesson that Gemini offers us.

 We are all expert at the moving, communicating (don’t we carry our phones everywhere?) and constantly being with people. What we don’t necessarily do is take quiet time, time to reflect, to recharge, to allow room for inspiration to enter. We need time to be with ourselves, just ourselves.

 A few weeks ago I started to incorporate behaviours that I had neglected for a while. I started doing yoga at least four times a week on my own at home, and I started sitting on the porch in the evening for ten minutes, half an hour, whatever time I have. I sit and listen to the wind, watch the trees, the birds, just sit and be. I highly recommend both of these activities. I’ve been more energetic, more inspired and more balanced since I started doing this. I’ve been honouring both sides of Gemini, and it has been paying off. How can you honour Gemini in your life?

 So, remember to set your intent for Wednesday. You may need to get out more, you may need more time for yourself. Whatever you decide to set for yourself, do it in joy.


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