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Hum Your Way to Health – Sound Healing

A few nights ago I was reading an article by Jonathon Goldman,  renowned for sound healing and teaching. It was a channeled piece in the August issue of the Sedona Magazine, and it was about humming. I’ve always been interested in sound healing, so I read on.

The article referred to humming as the “sound of creation”, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe referred to architecture as “frozen music”. Hmmmm.

Now, I’ve known for years that it is impossible to experience those constantly recurring thoughts that go round and round, at the same time as you hum. You just can’t do both at the same time. I’m not a scientist – I don’t know why. For me, it’s enough to know. I guess that is one use of sound healing.

So, it’s not a stretch for me to believe what is said about humming. We know that the vibration created by humming massages the inside of the body. We can feel it when we hum. For sure we feel it in our throat, our mouth, but if we are conscious – paying attention – when we hum, we can feel it in other parts of our bodies as well.

According to the channeled being, humming has the potential to open blood vessels in the brain – helping to regenerate brain cells. He feels humming could be beneficial for conditions such as Alzheimers, strokes and brain injury. If that’s true, it’s an easy, inexpensive healing method-sound healing- that requires no external equipment. I’m all for that.

In India, they have been chanting OM for centuries. The sound of OM is close to, if not actually, humming. It has certainly had no negative effects. Gabriel Axel wrote an article on Mantras (Sanskrit word for sound tool) and OM that is very interesting. If you are interested in sound healing, check it out. (

There was an exercise in the article by Jonathon Goldman that I decided to try – 5 minutes of conscious humming. I found a tone that worked for me, took a deep relaxed breath and started my venture into sound healing.

At first, I felt the vibration in my throat, then my chest. It moved up to the bridge of my nose, and as I continued to hum, the vibration moved to the base of my spine. I could feel “stuff” releasing from my lower back – energy moving out of me. It was very cool.

I’m going to continue this practice for a while and see what happens. It feels good, it’s easy, and it’s something I can do. It’s something you can do, too. An unofficial 5 day “sound healing” challenge. Anyone join me?


New Moon in Scorpio – Digging Deep


trees not leavesScorpio is a sign of death and rebirth. At its most unevolved, Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion – stinging by reaction. The next evolution for Scorpio is the snake shedding its skin. The last evolution of Scorpio is the Pheonix rising from its ashes.

Scorpio energy enhances the ability to be perceptive. It allows you to be aware of the motives of others, but also of yourself. Often, we don’t understand our motives or don’t take time to analyze them. Why do we feel the way we do, or react the way we do? Why do we feel we need something? If we use the Scorpio energy to support us, we can understand ourselves better.

Scorpio rules transformation. As the trees turn colour and shed their leaves we are being supported to shed

whatever is no longer useful, to make space for realizing who we truly are. We need the space as next month we go searching for that truth. Scorpio invites us to go into the depths, to discover what we may not want to know, to dig it out and transform it into neutral energy that can be used for other things. This is definitely an LPIT (Learning Path) energy!

Forgiveness plays a huge role this month, of others, yes, but I think most importantly of ourselves. We don’t need to carry anger, pain, guilt or shame. They slow us down, or keep us immobile, and for the most part, damage only us. So, ferret out any of these emotions you’re holding onto and let them go. Just ask for them to be removed.

The Scorpio energy can be pretty intense, especially if we resist it. Believe me, resistance is futile. Interactions may be intense, so don’t expect to live life on the surface this month. Take the opportunity to delve deep. Don’t take things personally right now, but is someone says something that stings, ask yourself, is this valid? If it is, do something about it. Change it. Only you can.

It makes perfect sense that Scorpio rules the organs of elimination. It also rules the sexual organs.

If you are setting intent for this New Moon, here are some samples:

  • I am asking that I be aware of when I am judging someone, including myself, and learn to shift this behaviour to understanding that we are all doing the best we can in the moment.
  • I am asking to recognize, acknowledge and release that which no longer serves me with grace and ease.
  • I am asking to remember to breathe through intense moments that may come up and to bless all involved.


New Moon in Libra

October 4/5 is the New Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of the scales – the sign of balance. So, those of us who struggle with work/life balance, the energies are with us. This is the perfect time to work on creating balance in our lives. daisy

We live in duality, so balance is important. Not only do we need to create balance in ourselves, but we need to create it in our relationships. Both people in a relationship need to pull their weight. At the same time there needs to be support through the busy times and through the hard times, one person taking up the slack for the other when necessary. This is teamwork.

Maintaining balance in a relationship requires that we be honest with ourselves. Am I really doing all I can, or all I agreed to do, or am I fooling myself? Is there equality in this relationship? Is there appreciation of the other and other’s viewpoint?

Libra is about getting along with others, being sociable. It’s about employing tact and understanding in interactions. Libras who are in their element make good negotiators, counselors and collaborators.

Libra also rules harmony. That incorporates the all. When everything and everyone are taken into account life flows, there is peace, there is beauty.

Those who are influenced by the sign of Libra enjoy beauty. They like the “nice” things in life, the refinements. The elegant life-style suits them perfectly. They appreciate good taste.

On the physical level, Libra rules the adrenal glands, the kidneys, the buttocks and diabetes.

If you are setting intent to bring out the best of Libra in you, here are some samples

  • • I am asking to be aware of the needs and feelings of others as I follow my life path.
  • • I am asking to increase my ability to co-operate with others
  • • I am asking for reminders to increase work/play balance in my life.
  • • I am asking to bring more beauty and harmony into my home and my relationships.