Am I Enough?

Last night, at 10:42 pm., it was New Moon in fun-loving, confident, courageous, fire inspired Leo. From what I’ve read, this new Moon is gifting us with a new sense of who we are and what we are able to accomplish. We’re being given some clarity. We’re also being given some support as we move forward, although it doesn’t feel like time for action yet.

This seems to be the time to sit with some tough questions: Do you feel enough? Do you feel worthy?

I’ve had a really interesting journey through Leo (we’re at the end of Leo now). I’d like to share it with you. There may be a nugget in there for your own journey.

I started out by taking a workshop on Abundance with Dr. Judith Wilcox, a truly brilliant healer from Connecticut  (you can find her easiest on Facebook). In the first half of the workshop, we discussed our fears and Judith did some work on them. I could feel stuff leaving as she worked. The second session we worked on Abundance. It was a really helpful Workshop.

Then, last week, I connected with another healer on Linkedin and we shared sessions. Her name is Judy Onorato (another Judith/Judy), and her work is brilliant as well.  She practices Chinese Astrology and Numerology, amongst other things (she makes beautiful Flower Essences. I’m using her Oneness Essence).

Judy told me some very helpful things, some that fit in with what I had discerned already. She suggested that I develop a reverence for who I am and what I do; that I will be turning up my light quotient ( hopefully expanding the Spiritual in my life).

But the gift she gave me came right at the end. She said that I had had a number of past lives as a wealthy, privileged individual. By her tone and expression, I got the impression that I wasn’t the nicest of people in those lifetimes.

Now, my journey this year has been to increase spirituality in my life and to know myself at a deeper level. My past life focus has always been on the spiritual – the healer, the monk, the nun. Definitely not the rich.

This New Moon and the work I’ve done and assistance I’ve had has given me a few pieces to put together:

  • I need to develop more reverence for my self and my work, which feeds into confidence and knowing I am worthy
  • I have been prosperous but not spiritual at the same time
  • I am increasing spirituality in my life now.

So, to work on these three things, I put together a mantra, or saying, that I can repeat and hopefully create new pathways in my brain. Here it is:

  • I am enough
  • I am worthy
  • I can lead a spiritual life and still have money

For the next 8 days (8 is the number of power) I am saying this 108 times each day (108 beeing the length of a mala). I started today and already have felt a shift.

I hope that my tale helps you understand your own journey, inspires you, brings clarity or at least gives you some new resources. The journey is an adventure, so remember to have some fun while you’re on it.

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