About Diane Young

Diane Young

I have been a holistic practitioner and teacher in the Toronto area since 1998. As most do, I started working with friends and family, then professionally part-time and then full time in 2002.

I both practice and teach each of the techniques I work with. They create a combination that works well to assist people dealing with everything from the feeling of being “stuck” (not being able to move forward – feeling blocked) to major trauma.

I love seeing people able to move forward in their lives with ease through their work with me.

Healing Techniques

Reiki provides you with healing relaxation

Learning Path Integrated Technique helps you to painlessly learn the lessons your life provides

Axiatonal Alignment connects you to Source and helps you gain clarity

Akashic Records reading helps you to understand your souls’ journey and how it affects your present life

Yoga teaches you to relax, stretch, breathe and connect to your body


2018/19 –  Holy Fire Reiki

2011/12 – Levels one and two Akashic Records
2009 – Level two Heart Resonance Therapy
2008 – Level one Heart Resonance Therapy
2005-2006 – Levels one and two of Biogeometry
2005 – Yoga teacher training
2004 – Practitioner/teacher of Axiatonal Alignment
2002 – Master level in Komyo Reiki
Master Level in Tera Mai Reiki (non registered)
1999 – Practitioner/teacher of Learning Path Integrated Technique
1997 – 1998 Master level in Usui Reiki


Canadian Reiki Association

I love to dance, travel (I’d love to return to Ireland and Egypt). Being in nature, especially close to trees and near the water is how I regenerate and balance living in the city. I also love a good cup of jasmine tea. Care to join me?