A Slightly Different Perspective

I haven’t been in touch over this last week or two because it’s just been strange. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I’ve had trouble waking up and as soon as there was nothing else that needed to be done, I’ve been back in bed. I know there is nothing wrong with me, except it’s allergy season, so I finally said enough is enough. Figure it out and get over it! So, I did.

 I understand that because I’m sensitive, I’ve been feeling everyone else’s fear and depression, so I sent some healing to that and cleared it out. I did some LPIT on myself to release the heaviness in my chest. This morning I woke up early and started writing. What a great feeling to be back. 

Since the beginning of this virus event, I’ve had a slightly different perspective. Here it is.

There are changes coming. We’re walking through a doorway into a new adventure, and there’s a lot to clear out before that can happen. There are a lot of people who don’t want to walk through that door. They’ve had their adventure and it’s time to go home. It’s their exit time. Problem is, there has to be a way for them to exit. Hence, a virus.

Over the last few years we’ve been told to work on our “stuff”, to clear it out, to transmute it and transform ourselves. Some of us did. We were told this winter to take time for ourselves, time to be quiet, to reflect, to meditate, to return to the natural rhythm. Some of us did. 

Now, we all will because we have no choice. We’re being told to stay home, to take that quiet time, to reflect. And so I invite you to do just that.

Instead of panicking and going into fear about catching the virus, about having money to get through, I invite you to trust you’ll be taken care of, do some yoga, meditate (there are some great ones on youtube if you want guided), get to know your partner again, if you have one. Have a candlelight dinner, watch a movie together.

If you have children, get down on the floor and colour with them, help them write their own bedtime stories. Discover your own creativity. Make this your time.

 You can also call a friend just to talk (remember the telephone?). Check in on someone who is alone. We are being separated, but we are not alone. We can only be separated physically. 

If you are in need, I can send out a request to the Healing Network for you.

 If you need 15 minutes of free Reiki or LPIT, let me know. I can make myself available. 

My good friend Julei sent me this Facebook site of people helping people through this. If you need groceries delivered or just need to connect with others, this looks like the place to be. 

We’ll make it through this. I have absolute faith, and hopefully we’ll be better for it – stronger, clearer, more connected. If you need me, I’m here, just a phone call or a zoom call away.

Take care,
416.320.8524 diane@circleofonehealing.com

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