A New You

Today is Full Moon in Aries. It sounds as though we are entering a very dynamic month, with Aries Full Moon on the first, Libra Full Moon on the thirty-first, and New Moon in Libra in the middle. It promises to be emotional and transformational.

I have three favourite astrologers that I check in with every month. With regard to this Full Moon, Molly McCord made the statement: “Trust the Process”. I’m making that my affirmation for the month.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the initial step on the journey. It’s all about you – who you are, what you like, what you love to do, where you’re going. This is the Full Moon, so it’s going to shine a lot of light on these areas.

This is a time where we can receive insights into health issues, on finding what motivates us, into what we would love to do now, either work wise or personally. We can come to a new understanding of ourselves, see ourselves more clearly. We’re changing – this is new territory for us. We have an opportunity to see who the new us is going to be.

It takes courage to meet this new adventure head on – to take advantage of all it has to offer. Listen to your body – the messages it give you. Pay attention. It will show you the way.

Listening to your body:

When you are presented with a choice, tune into how your body feels with each choice. Pull your awareness down into your gut – this is where a lot of people will feel a response. How does your gut feel?

  • Is there a feeling of happiness, a warm pleasant feeling?
  • Is there a feeling of agitation?
  • Is there a feeling of discomfort in any way?
  • Does it feel neutral, no feeling at all?

Practice sensing in, then use these feelings to guide you.

Now, there are people who sense in other places than the gut, so pay attention if you don’t feel anything there. Do you feel it somewhere else? In your head, your chest etc.? Do you taste something, see something or smell something? Play with it. Make it a little adventure.

We are being given the opportunity to develop a new sense of purpose, a discovery of whom we are now and how we want to be in the world. This month we are also given the opportunity to find the balance between focus on ourselves and focus on the other. So, if your focus has had to be on your family, or on others, take a few moments, be still, and feel yourself. Get a feel for who you are when you’re not mom or dad, the chauffeur, the worker. Get acquainted with that person again, fall in love with that person again. Then, see where you go from there.

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